1.2kV dual gate driver for SiC mosfets

1.2kV dual gate driver for SiC mosfets

Called AgileSwitch 2ASC-12A2HP, “the gate driver provides multiple levels of control and a higher level of protection for silicon carbide mosfet-based power systems,” according to the company. “Key performance attributes include the ability to dampen drain-source voltage overshoots and slash switching losses”.

1.2kV dual gate driver for SiC mosfetsThe driver can source and source up to 10A peak, and includes an isolated dc-dc converter with a low capacitance isolation barrier for pulse width modulation signals and fault feedback.

It is not clear if this 10A is from the 2ASC-12A2HP itself or with the associated nodule adapter board (MAB) – diagram left. Clarification has been requested.

Output voltage can be bipolar: positive from +15 to +21V, and negative from 0 to -5V. Power for this  comes via an on-board isolator from 15V.

1.2kV dual gate driver for SiC mosfets

It is compatible with the latest release of Microchip’s Intelligent Configuration Tool (‘ICT’, free download), which allows users to configure gate driver parameters including the gate switching profiles, system critical monitors and Controller interface settings.

“The result is a gate driver that is tailored to their applications without having to change hardware,” said the company.

As well as the software, there is a family of module adapter boards match footprints with the company’s Augmented Switching Accelerated Development Kits (ASDAK), that include gate drivers, module adapter boards and a programming kit.

The 2ASC-12A2HP data sheet is here, and MAB information here



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