70W brushless motor driver has code-free field-oriented control

70W brushless motor driver has code-free field-oriented control

In common, the devices include a set of commutation control algorithms which manage functions such as motor fault detection and protection mechanisms.

Operation is from 4.5 to 35V (40V abs max) and the 95mΩ output drivers (high-side plus low-side 25°C) can deliver 8A peak.

An adjustable buck regulator is included (170mA Iout), as is a LDO to generate 3.3V or 5V for the device and external circuits.

MCF8316A is the sensor-less field-oriented control driver (see diagram) which intelligently extracts motor parameters “enabling designers to tune a motor while delivering consistent system performance regardless of motor manufacturing variations,” said the company. PWM output is up to 75kHz.

The algorithm is implemented in a fixed-function state machine, whose configuration can be set in internal non-volatile EEPROM for stand-alone operation once the device is configured.

MCT8316AT sensor-less trapezoidal control driver “enables designers to tune a motor using five hardware pins, eliminating the need for a microcontroller interface,” said TI. PWM output is up to 100kHz, and maximum motor speed is 3.5kHz – the later useful in robotic vacuums, said TI.

MCT8316AV is a variant of the MCT8316AT which has register settings instead of hardware pins. Like the field-oriented MCF8316A, these settings can stored in non-volatile memory for stand-alone operation.

In al cases, the speed signal can be provided through a PWM input, analogue voltage or I2C command.

“The motor drivers provide real-time control capabilities to help engineers achieve acoustic performance in applications such as air purifiers, refrigerators, washing machines and fans,” according to TI, which expanded on sound level control: “MCF8316A includes a patented automatic dead-time compensation technique that compensates for current distortion to enable engineers to optimise motor acoustic performance. MCT8316A includes variable trapezoidal control techniques that designers can use to reduce motor noise.”

40pin 5 x 7mm (quad flat no-lead) pre-production parts are available direct from the company.

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