Academician Liu Jingnan: “5G + Beidou” will become the most important infrastructure

“In the age of intelligence, ‘5G + Beidou’ will become the most important infrastructure.” On June 23, Liu Jingnan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a professor at Wuhan University, watched the live webcast of the launch of the 55th Beidou navigation satellite. Beidou-3 global network, Beidou navigation gradually from China to the world stage. He believes that there will be plenty of opportunities to realize the integration and mutual empowerment of “5G+Beidou”, which will generate disruptive technologies and create trans-century brilliance.

In the mid-1990s, Liu Jingnan led the team to participate in the Beidou seminar. In more than 20 years, from Beidou-1 to Beidou-3, he has conquered many key technologies of Beidou satellite system. Solved the problem that the Beidou-2 satellite could not serve during the attitude transition period (about 15 days per half year), established the first Beidou high-precision international analysis center in the Asia-Pacific region, and realized the independent control of the key technology of high-precision data processing of my country’s Beidou heterogeneous constellation .

Liu Jingnan said: “Now the time accuracy of communication and power systems are all microseconds, and the Beidou timing accuracy is 20 to 30 nanoseconds. Through ground-based enhancement and space-based enhancement, the time accuracy can be 1 nanosecond or better than 1 nanosecond. In nanoseconds, the real-time position can be accurate to 1 centimeter, and the post-event accuracy in a specific field can be 1 millimeter.”

5G is the infrastructure of the intelligent era. It has high bandwidth, high speed, large capacity, low power consumption, low latency, interconnection of all things, and information can be sensed and adjusted. 5G provides basic support for meeting the application needs of users and industries such as virtual reality, intelligent manufacturing, and autonomous driving in the future. Liu Jingnan said that the delay of 5G is millisecond-level, but it cannot realize the remote control of the car; and its network location is virtual, these problems must be solved.

Solving problems requires a new infrastructure, which is Beidou. Positioning, navigation, perception of time and seasons themselves are biological intelligence generated by natural evolution. The “5G + Beidou” in the intelligent era can impart this biological intelligence to machines and the environment, and give full play to the intelligence advantages of machines and network environments.

The ubiquitous mapping capability based on “5G+Beidou” is an extension of human positioning, navigation, and time perception intelligence based on modern technology. An enabling technology that supports wide-area and global intelligent collaborative control.

“Beidou high-precision navigation + 5G + high-precision map” will open up new applications in vehicle lane-level monitoring, vehicle automatic driving and intelligent unmanned driving. In the future, driverless vehicles and intelligent networked vehicles are essentially a high-precision intelligent mobile computing platform, which needs to perceive and recognize the outside world, and must have accurate location and time services. Therefore, every intelligent connected car and every unmanned car is not only a means of transportation in the Internet era, but also an intelligent mobile computing platform. Sharing the data of these platforms with everyone will generate endless new applications and new formats. .

Beidou location services will also achieve cross-border integration: including cross-system integration, which is compatible, interoperable and interchangeable with other global satellite navigation systems; cross-regional integration. Cross-industry integration, indoor and outdoor multi-sensor fusion, to provide a ubiquitous intelligent spatiotemporal location service “Beidou+”.

Liu Jingnan said that Beidou is an enabling technology. Through the integration with other technologies, Beidou gives these technologies new functions in time and space, so that these technologies can be improved in dimension and efficiency. With the development of the times, there is great room for imagination in future applications.

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