ASML’s new EUV lithography machine will be shipped in 2021, with an 18% increase in production efficiency

ASML recently officially announced that the latest specification EUV lithography machine will be shipped in the middle of next year.

According to the “Science and Technology Innovation Board Daily”, ASML announced the final specifications of the new model TWINSCANNXE:3600D on the EUV roadmap, which is an exposure speed of 30mJ/cm2 to expose 160 wafers per hour, increasing productivity by 18% , and improved machine-matched register accuracy to 1.1 nanometers, with shipments scheduled to begin in mid-2021.

In the DUV lithography business, ASML qualified the first TWINSCAN NXT:2050i during the quarter and shipped early in the fourth quarter. The NXT:2050i is based on a new version of the NXT platform, which includes technical improvements to the reticle stage, wafer stage, projection objective and exposure laser. The system offers better overlay accuracy control than its predecessor, with higher productivity, and the NXT:2050i will enter mass production immediately.

ASML is the leader in the global lithography machine industry, with a market share of more than 60%, occupies the largest share in the DUV immersion lithography machine market, and monopolizes the top EUV lithography machine market.

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