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Do you know why the voltage difference between the two phase wires is 380V?

Do you know why the voltage difference between the two phase wires is 380V? First, let’s briefly talk about the line voltage and phase voltage: the line voltage is the voltage between the live wire and the live wire, which is 380V, and the phase voltage is any one of the three live wires. and the voltage between neutral, is 220V;

Do you know why the voltage difference between the two phase wires is 380V? First, let’s briefly talk about the line voltage and phase voltage: the line voltage is the voltage between the live wire and the live wire, which is 380V, and the phase voltage is any one of the three live wires. and the voltage between neutral, is 220V;

The voltages are all used by us after being stepped down by the transformer. The secondary side of the transformer is all star-connected. There are three live wires that are ABC three-phase. Do work at the neutral point and connect to zero, and lead out a zero wire. ;

Do you know why the voltage difference between the two phase wires is 380V?

We can clearly see from the voltage vector diagram that the line voltage is √3 times the phase voltage, and the voltage between any two items of A-phase B-phase C-phase drawn from the secondary side of the transformer is 380V, so the voltage between the two live wires is 380V. The voltage between them is 380V;

In addition, the phase voltage is the ground voltage of any one of the three-phase ABC, that is, the voltage to the working zero line. This is the phase voltage. The relationship between it and the line voltage can be seen from the vector diagram. It is a √3 times relationship. That is, the line voltage is √3 times the phase voltage; so the phase voltage is equal to 380% √3=219.4, which is what we often call 220V;

Finally, let me tell you that 220V and 380V are our common names. In fact, the actual voltage fluctuates up and down the two voltage values ​​above. In actual operation, it does not run under the exact values ​​of 220V and 380V.

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Opened 48 primary health care institutions for the elderly in 9 years, and Iora Health received another $126 million in Series F financing

Recently, Iora health, a primary care clinic operating company, announced that it has received US$126 million in Series F financing, led by Premji Invest (founded by the chairman of Wipro). This round of financing is mainly used to develop existing businesses, apply for EHR (Electronic Health Records System for Medical Insurance) certification, and add new features to its technology platform Chirp.

Iora Health said it plans to use the new funding to accelerate the company’s growth and add new features to its technology platform Chirp. It has also previously received funding from Flare Capital Partners, Temasek, F-Prime Capital, Cox Enterprises, Devonshire investors, 406 Ventures, Polaris Partners and Khosla Ventures, among others.

Iora Health is a service provider that provides primary healthcare for the elderly. Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Boston, it currently operates 48 clinics (up from 24 in 2018), focusing on providing collaborative care models for people over the age of 65. Support for Medicare patients.

IoraHealth said that under this model, doctors will charge a fixed fee for each patient’s visit instead of charging for each service provided; in addition, patients have not been equipped with health coaches, and a self-developed software platform is provided for both parties to record and share. information. Overall, Iora Health has three innovations:

1) Adopt a non-traditional fee-for-service model, that is, do not accept self-paying patients, all from cooperative insurance and self-insured employers, to ensure unimpeded access to patients’ authorized needs and complete billing, and provide personalized care accordingly Program;

2) Effectively use new technologies such as big data, that is, use the electronic medical record system to grasp all the data of the patient, and reasonably classify and track the patient;

3) Nursing teams in diverse institutions, i.e. many health coaches in addition to hiring doctors, nurses and behavioral health specialists.

We know that elderly care and health care for the elderly are a major challenge on a global scale. In the United States alone, the elderly population in the United States exceeds 52.2 million, of which about 80% have at least one chronic disease. The traditional medical service model established for the treatment of acute diseases cannot meet the long-term needs of the elderly for primary health care; in addition, the high cost will also impose a huge burden on the health care system.

In China, similar problems are particularly prominent. Iora Health is constantly breaking the above-mentioned predicament through an innovative model, that is, starting with basic medical care services, operating according to the effect, paying attention to the health management of customers and reducing the probability of illness. With the successful fundraising of Iora Health, competition in the industry is heating up. Other companies are also keeping a close eye on health insurance, such as CVS, which recently hired Iora’s former chief marketing officer to lead clinic operations.

At present, many companies around the world have been involved in primary health care services for the elderly, such as , , . In terms of model, there are also benchmarking companies in China, such as Ping An Good Doctor, Penguin Almond, etc., but they are mainly aimed at the health management of the general public; in the field of elderly care, only a few players such as Taikang Pension have slightly different models.

However, with the deepening of the aging population, the advancement of primary medical care, and the development of long-term care insurance, China is also expected to have a primary medical care service platform similar to Iora Health.

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Advantages of Silicon Carbide MOS Four-Pin Package in Applications

[Introduction]After years of research and development, Risen semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. has launched silicon carbide MOS and SBD series products, which have been recognized by the market and customers, and are widely used in high-end server power supplies, solar inverters, UPS power supplies, motor drives, energy storage, charging piles and other fields.

Silicon carbide MOS chips have excellent high-frequency characteristics. In high-frequency applications, the traditional TO-247 package will restrict its high-frequency characteristics. In response to customer needs and to further improve the performance of SiC MOS, Risen Semiconductor has developed a four-pin TO-247 package (TO-247-4L) SiC MOS product.

1. Difference between TO-247 four-pin package and three-pin package

Compared with the three-pin package TO-247, the four-pin package TO-247 has one more pin, and the added pin is the driver source pin. The pin arrangement is changed from GDS in TO-247 three-pin package to DS(P)-S(D)-G, in which the second pin S(P) is connected to the load terminal, and the three-pin S(D) is connected to the driver terminal .

For the traditional three-pin TO-247 package. The back electromotive force VLS (=LS*dID/dt) is generated by the inductance component L of the source power supply line and the drain current slope dI dID/dt, and the voltage VGS is applied to the gate and source drain of the chip. This back EMF will reduce the actual applied voltage from the set gate voltage, and the switching speed, especially the turn-on speed, will be slowed down.

By adding a signal source terminal for gate drive, the current in the power supply line and the current in the gate drive line can be separated to reduce the effect of gate-source voltage inductance. The TO-247-4L in the four-pin package directly connects the source end of the drive side to the position of the chip, and is separated from the source line of the load side, so that it is not easily affected by the drive voltage. Thus, the high-speed switching performance of the silicon carbide MOS is improved.

2. Four-pin package (TO-247-4L) advantage

The TO-247-4L silicon carbide MOS in a four-pin package can give full play to the high-speed switching performance of the silicon carbide MOS itself. Compared with the traditional three-pin package TO-247, the switching loss can be reduced by about 30-35%, which can further reduce the loss of the circuit.

Turn-on loss: ID rise at turn-on for TO-247-4L packaged product with driver source pin (red dashed line) compared to TO-247 packaged product without driver source pin (light blue dashed line) faster. By comparison, it can be seen that the switching loss of the TO-247 package product (light blue line) is 2700J, while the TO-247-4L package product (red line) is 1700J, and the switching loss is reduced by about 35%, a significant reduction.

Turn-off loss: It can be seen from the waveform at turn-off that the switching loss of the TO-247 package product (light blue solid line) is 2100J, and the TO-247-4L package product (red solid line) is 1450J, and the switching loss is reduced by about 30%.

3. Risen Semiconductor Silicon Carbide MOS Series Products

After years of research and development, Risen Semiconductor now has a complete series of silicon carbide MOS products. Each type of product has both TO-247-3L and TO-247-4L packages, providing customers with more choices.

Risen Semiconductor has been committed to industry-leading product development. In the future, we will continue to promote the development of innovative components, and provide solutions including silicon carbide products to further reduce the power consumption of various devices.

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Saving labor cost by printing 3d hand model

With the maturity of SLA light-curing 3D printing technology, some smart tablet manufacturers have begun to use 3D printers to include in their enterprise plans. The 3D printing tablet Model is completely proofed according to the original shape of the plan, with low error. Compared with the traditional prototype, it saves the cost of proofing, shortens the manufacturing cycle of the prototype model, ensures the confidentiality of the product development planning scheme, and greatly improves the work efficiency and product development. According to the feedback from the manufacturer using the SLA 3D printing prototype of Harbin Industry, the business volume has increased rapidly and the labor cost has been saved by 40% since the use of the D printer prototype for about a year since March. Let’s see how 3D can help hand board manufacturers save 40% of labor costs!

The hand board is also called “model” and also called “first board” many years ago “. It is not only an important link to verify the feasibility of the product, but also an important link to find out the shortcomings of the product. Shortcomings. A more direct and effective method of shortcomings is to refer to the handboard to improve the shortcomings and deficiencies in the planning. The handboard can solve the above problems well. The handboard processing method has also evolved from manual to milling machines, engraving machines and CNC processing to today’s 3D printing manual models. Although many handboard manufacturers still Although they are used for CNC processing, the disadvantage of CNC has become a headache for the owners of many handicraft factories.

What are the problems of traditional hand board manufacturer CNC CNC machine tools in making hand board models?

1、 High dependence on labor: The complexity of CNC machine tool processing in traditional hand board manufacturers requires the proficiency of workers, while the labor cost in China has increased year by year in the past decade. In 1997, the salary of CNC CNC machine tool workers was 1000 yuan, and now the per capita salary is 6000-8000 yuan. Artificial masters have the right to speak. The younger generation of workers are unwilling to do this kind of work, and there is no successor to the technology. The workshop is noisy, the environment is poor, and there is a serious loss of automotive parts in the hand board industry.

2、 It is impossible to make a hand board with complex structure: some hand boards with very high accuracy, circuitous or hollow, and complex pure curved surface structures, CNC CNC machine tools are often unable to make them, even if they are reluctantly made, it will take a long time, and the cost is also very high. CNC machine tools with internal structure need to be separated and then assembled together. Many hand board manufacturers have actually lost their orders.

3、 Error prone: The accuracy standard of CNC machine tool itself causes some errors, especially when the operator is not skilled enough. This means that design defects will not be found before production, resulting in costly rework and time loss.

3D hand board model

What are the advantages of using printers in 3D prototype factory?

  1. Short production cycle, without cutting tools and molds: CAD digital model is directly processed and formed, with fast processing speed and short production cycle, without cutting tools and molds. CNC CNC machine tools usually need one week to deliver, while CNC machine tools usually need one week to print and one day to deliver. CNC CNC machine tools need to be on duty manually, while 3D printing does not need manual intervention. Basically, unattended production can be realized in the daytime or at night. The production efficiency is significantly improved and the cycle is shortened.
  2. Reduce the cost of complex hand models: 3D printing technology can handle prototypes and molds with complex structures, or use traditional and mold. Industrial 3D uses printer SLA light curing technology to illuminate the surface of light curing materials (mainly photosensitive resin) with a specific intensity of laser focus, so as to make point to line and line to surface layer by layer. Ordinary hand boards or hand boards are relatively complex, and printing time and materials are not difficult. Resin 3D printing can be used to make some CNC machine tools that cannot manufacture precision structures, such as hollow-out, barb, hollow hand board model, etc.
  3. There is no need for high education or senior experience. Simple and easy to use: Although 3D printing technology is very new, it is very simple to operate because most 3D printing processes are completed by computer intelligence. Users who use industrial 3D printers can start operation as long as they have received 3D training. It does not require high education or senior experience, and is easy to operate.
  4. Environmental protection and health, high material utilization: traditional CNC machine tool workshop will produce a lot of dust and noise. In such a working environment, it is easy to cause anxiety and fatigue, which many people cannot bear. 3D printing technology, these problems do not exist. The sound produced by the industrial 3D printer when running is less than 10 decibels, which is smaller than the sound people usually communicate with. Its matching 3D printing material is also environmentally friendly and harmless. Unlike CNC CNC lathes, 3D printing hand boards are made by carving. Most of the materials are wasted, and the utilization rate is less than 35%. The utilization rate of 35% nylon 3D printing hand boards is more than 75%, which greatly reduces the waste cost of materials.
  5. Customization accelerates product design innovation: 3D printers can quickly create a tangible physical model. The reduction of costs will inevitably lead to many industries being more willing to innovate in design, which in fact brings better experience to consumers of products. The demand for personalized customization will also be the continuous improvement of 3D with the popularization of printing technology.

Why do many tablet manufacturers choose 3D 3D printers?

Leading technology, efficient and stable

Considering the particularity of the hand board industry, industrial 3DR&D3D printers are compatible with many software hand board manufacturers at home and abroad. You can select appropriate software according to your needs, such as one-key support and graphic file repair function software, to achieve a perfect connection between metal 3D printing technology and the hand board field. The high-speed galvanometer scanner is used as the core hardware to ensure the high efficiency and stability of the machine.

Material performance advantages:

Industrial three-dimensional light-cured resin has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high toughness, high strength, softness and transparency, which can meet the requirements of different hand boards, so as to achieve the perfect presentation of products.

Supply chain advantages:

3D has the R&D capability of the overall 3D printing sculptural and statues, which can comprehensively improve the quality of products and services. Industrial 3D is not only a manufacturer and seller of equipment, but also a comprehensive solution provider of 3D printing industry and technical services. The company focuses on the research and development of printing equipment, manufacturing and industrial application solutions of three D companies; Focus on the construction of 3D printing modernization, intelligence and digital industrial manufacturing scenes; Focus on 3D R&D and process development and printing related technical equipment.

Products that can process include:

sls-3d-printing,sla-3d-printing,slm-3d-printing, mjf-3d-printing, fdm-3d-printing,dlp-3d-printing, rapid-prototyping, cnc-machining, 3d-modeling,3d-scanning

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Influence of 3D printing on mechanical manufacturing and automation

3D printing technology is widely used because of its flexibility and convenience. Printing technology involves different molding processes and material classification.

There is no uniform standard now. According to the volume of the equipment, it can be divided into desktop, medium and large 3D printers; It can be divided into: aerospace, military, industrial, civil 3D printers, etc. 3D printing propsis a comprehensive technology combining mechanical engineering technology, computer software technology, 3D model technology, data processing technology and other disciplines. To a certain extent, it meets the needs of the development of mechanical manufacturing, and brings ultra-fast molding speed, unparalleled printing speed, high material utilization rate and short production cycle in industrial production, greatly improving the degree of automation and digitalization.

At present, XYZPrinting partpro150_ XP, mechanical manufacturing and automation are mainly based on computers, combined with mechanical equipment and automation, and through a series of manufacturing technologies, such as computer-aided design and manufacturing, flexible manufacturing system, and then constitute a computer integrated manufacturing system. Its applications mainly include CNC machines and machining centers.

The impact of printing on mechanical manufacturing and automation mainly has two aspects: positive and negative.

It has two impacts on the development of mechanical manufacturing and automation. 3D printing medical uses a variety of materials, but the material itself has limitations and hazards. Especially, the more difficult it is to degrade materials, which directly threatens human health and safety. The promotion of 3D printing and laser scanning technology may also lead to a large number of imitation products, which will bring some challenges to the development of the design industry and commodity costs, such as furniture products, tools, and even intellectual property issues.

In the information age, printing in chip manufacturing still has some limitations. Because the relevant parts of different materials are difficult, it is necessary to improve and improve between energy consumption, high cost and low efficiency. 3D Printing jewellery is an important embodiment and component of the development of mechanical manufacturing automation.

Compared with traditional printers, the liquid or powder emitted by 3D printers are different printing materials, such as light curing, rapid direct manufacturing and molding, layer-by-layer control computer superposition, and finally the physical object can be obtained. The workflow of 3D printer is to create a project, use CAD software, copy the model to 3 printers, print by setting various adjustable parameters, and specifically compose control elements, mechanical elements, print heads, consumables and media If all processes and parts are automated, 3D printing technology and mechanical manufacturing automation will be more closely linked.

Products that can process include: 3d printing applianc, 3d printing sand table

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India banned 43 Chinese apps again, what is the reason for this time?The complete list of the apps involved is here, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded

India’s mass ban of Chinese apps is not over yet!

According to the technology media Techcrunch, the Indian government authorities said on November 24 that an additional 43 Chinese apps will be banned on the original basis. In the past few months, the world’s second-largest internet market had banned more than 175 apps “connecting with China”.

Like previous bans, Indian authorities have raised cybersecurity concerns this time around. “These actions are based on the funding of these APPs and these activities undermine India’s sovereignty and integrity, India’s defense, national security and public order,” India’s IT ministry said in a statement.

India’s IT ministry also said it “issued an order to block these apps based on a comprehensive report provided by the Indian Cybercrime Coordination Centre of the Ministry of Home Affairs.”

Screenshot from Techcrunch website

It is reported that the banned apps include Tencent-backed popular short video service Snack Video (an overseas version of Kuaishou, which has soared to the top of the list in recent months), as well as e-commerce app AliExpress (Alibaba’s AliExpress). ), shipping app Lalamove and shopping app Taobao Live.

The full list of apps involved in this ban is as follows:

AliSuppliers Mobile App

Alibaba Workbench

AliExpress – Smarter Shopping, Better Living

Alipay Cashier

Lalamove India – Delivery App

Drive with Lalamove India

Snack Video

CamCard – Business Card Reader

CamCard – BCR (Western)

Soul- Follow the soul to find you

Chinese Social – Free Online Dating Video App & Chat

Date in Asia – Dating & Chat For Asian Singles

WeDate-Dating App

Free dating app-Singol, start your date!

Adore App

TrulyChinese – Chinese Dating App

TrulyAsian – Asian Dating App

ChinaLove: dating app for Chinese singles

DateMyAge: Chat, Meet, Date Mature Singles Online

AsianDate: find Asian singles

FlirtWish: chat with singles

Guys Only Dating: Gay Chat

Tubit: Live Streams


First Love Live- super hot live beauties live online

Rela – Lesbian Social Network

Cashier Wallet


MGTV-HunanTV official TV APP

WeTV – TV version

WeTV – Cdrama, Kdrama&More

WeTV Lite

Lucky Live-Live Video Streaming App

Taobao Live


Identity V

Island 2: Ashes of Time

BoxStar (Early Access)

Heroes Evolved

Happy Fish

Jellipop Match-Decorate your dream island!

Munchkin Match: magic home building

Conquista Online II

Currently, there doesn’t appear to be any Chinese apps left in the top 500 apps used in India.

The ban involves many apps, but previously banned apps, including Tencent’s “PUBG Mobile” game and TikTok, have identified India as the largest overseas market and are exploring ways to return to India. In recent weeks, PUBG has registered a local entity in India, partnered with Microsoft to meet server needs, and has publicly claimed to invest $100 million in India.

In June this year, China and India had a military conflict in the Himalayas, and more than 20 Indian soldiers were killed. China has not released specific casualty data. As the conflict between the two countries escalated, more and more people posted videos of smashing Chinese-made mobile phones, TVs and other products to boycott Chinese-made products. “Boycott China” sentiment has become increasingly popular on social media in India.

China’s response

In response to India’s new ban, on November 25, according to the official WeChat account of the Chinese Embassy in India, the spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in India, Counselor Ji Rong, said in response to a reporter’s question that China firmly opposes India’s repeated use of “national security” as a priority. An excuse to ban mobile apps with Chinese backgrounds.

Counselor Ji Rong said that the Chinese government has always required Chinese overseas companies to abide by international rules, operate in compliance with laws and regulations, and respect public order and good customs. business environment and redress this discriminatory practice that violates WTO rules. China and India do not pose a threat to each other and are opportunities for each other’s development. The two sides should, on the basis of dialogue and consultation, bring China-India economic and trade relations back to the right path of benefiting the people of the two countries and achieving mutual benefit and win-win results.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian also responded at a regular press conference.

Zhao Lijian said that the Chinese side expresses serious concern about the relevant statement of the Indian side. The spokesperson of the Chinese embassy in India has made a statement on this. Since June this year, the Indian side has banned mobile apps with Chinese background for four times in a row under the pretext of safeguarding national security. Some of these actions clearly violate market principles and WTO rules, and seriously damage the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese companies. China firmly opposes this.

Zhao Lijian pointed out that the Chinese government has always required Chinese companies to conduct foreign cooperation on the basis of abiding by international rules and local laws and regulations. The Indian government has the responsibility to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of international investors, including Chinese companies, in accordance with market principles. The nature of China-India economic and trade cooperation is mutual benefit and win-win results. more damage.

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Micron released its sixth annual sustainability report, with remarkable achievements in sustainable projects, further strengthening its commitment to promoting innovation and social development

Shanghai, China, May 7, 2021 — Micron Technology Inc. (Micron Technology, Inc., NASDAQ: MU), a leading provider of memory and storage solutions, recently released the “Brisk Walk: Micron’s 2021 Expectations Fast Forward: Micron’s 2021 Sustainability Report, highlighting Micron’s extraordinary corporate resilience and making strides in promoting innovation, people, communities and manufacturing.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Micron continued to advance various sustainable development projects, including some upfront investments, to reach its goal of investing approximately US$1 billion (equivalent to approximately RMB 6.5 billion) in environmental protection by 2028. These environmental projects include reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 75% globally by 2030 from 2018 levels, and achieving 75% wastewater reuse and 95% waste diversion. Micron also plans to use 100 percent renewable energy at all of its U.S. manufacturing facilities by the end of 2025. Micron reduced the greenhouse gas emissions used to produce a single chip in 2020 by 36% compared with 2018, and increased the reuse and recycling rate of materials and waste to 84%, an increase of 3% from the previous year percent.

Micron has also made positive progress in diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. The company has achieved comprehensive pay equity for disadvantaged groups around the world, covering base salary, bonuses and stock awards. To support the development of disadvantaged communities, Micron has invested more than $250 million in cash and cash equivalents managed by financial companies owned by disadvantaged groups. In addition, Micron has increased the number of women on its board of directors. As of February 2021, Micron’s board of directors will be 50 percent female. Micron’s Employee Resource Group (ERG) membership grew 84% in 2020. These ERG organizations are Micron employee-led volunteer groups that focus on employees with the same identity or experience and their allies, greatly promoting inclusive development within Micron and in the communities where employees work.

“Sustainability is the cornerstone of Micron’s business model, for which we are committed to investing $1 billion (approximately 6.5 billion yuan) and using a scientific approach to closely monitor progress,” said Sanjay Mehrotra, Micron’s president and CEO. A big step closer to its sustainable development goals in 2019. Micron overcame the uncertainty caused by the epidemic, achieved a three-fold annual increase in energy efficiency indicators, moved closer to the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and achieved comprehensive pay equity , this is a key step in our goal of full inclusion.”

Micron achieves new milestone in actively improving communities. The Micron Foundation donated nearly $24 million to charitable organizations in 2020, including a $10 million COVID-19 fund. Micron team members also quadrupled their matching donations, benefiting more than 650,000 students and educators throughout the year through global science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) support programs.

Accelerate Sustainability and Enhance Technology Leadership

For the first time in history, Micron has achieved leadership in both DRAM and NAND technologies.Micron 1α DRAM Technology Increases Memory Density by 40%, Delivers Lowest Power DRAM Platform for Mobile Industry, Achieves 15% Energy Savings[1]. Micron’s 176-layer 3D NAND flash reduces data read and write latency by more than 35% and increases data transfer rates by 33%[2]. The combination of the two technologies lays a data foundation for building a newer and more efficient device experience and innovative infrastructure, which is suitable for various application scenarios such as data centers and intelligent edges.

In addition, Micron recently introduced automotive LPDDR5 memory, which improves energy efficiency by more than 20%[3]. This low-power DRAM enables high-performance computing in smart cars while significantly reducing energy consumption, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation industry. Micron also introduced its breakthrough GDDR6X memory last September, which achieves lower power consumption per task (pJ/bit) than its predecessor, making it more suitable for power-hungry, bandwidth-hungry applications. GDDR6X can also flexibly adjust power consumption, and users can reduce performance to save energy.

Recognized by the industry

Micron’s sustainability is recognized by the industry, including being listed on the North America Dow Jones Sustainability Index; all manufacturing facilities are certified Platinum by the Responsible Business Alliance; and in 2018- Received the Great Place to Work Award in Greater China for three consecutive years in 2020. Micron is ranked in the top 10% of the semiconductor industry according to the March 2021 Sustainalytics Environmental, Social and Governance Score. Micron was also included in the 2019-2020 FTSE4Good Index Series (FTSE Russell, FTSE Russell).

Micron’s sixth annual Sustainability Report is prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Core Standards and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Semiconductor Industry Standards.

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Display Whampoa Military Academy – Taiwan Huaying Company went bankrupt

In recent years, smart TVs and speakers with screens have been on the rise, becoming the entrance to smart homes, in which displays play an important role. However, according to media reports, the Chunghwa Picture Tube Company, a subsidiary of Taiwan’s Datong Group, recently declared bankruptcy, and this is also the case with the highest amount and the largest number of people in Taiwan’s history.

Taiwan’s “Lianhe Wanbao” said on the 20th that Huaying’s wages in August and September have not been paid as agreed, and a total of 1,842 workers have been owed wages. The “Ministry of Labor” advance fund will be advanced first, with a rough estimate of about 800 million yuan. New Taiwan dollars will be issued to employees before the Spring Festival next year at the latest.

In March of this year, Huaying announced that it would lay off 2,500 employees, accounting for more than half of the 4,500 workers in the entire factory. It was the largest layoff in the history of Taiwan’s Panel industry. In September of this year, Huaying’s land, plant, machinery and equipment were seized by the court, unable to continue to operate and production, and production was completely stopped. In order to repay the wages of employees, in the middle of this month, Huaying is also preparing to sell two 4.5-generation production lines.

It is understood that Taiwan’s “Labor Base Law” stipulates that wages, pensions and severance pay owed by workers can be advanced in advance by the “advance fund”. Some officials from the “Ministry of Labor” said that Huaying’s land is in good condition. Taking Yangmei Factory as an example, the latest estimated value of the land plant is more than NT$4 billion, but the legal mortgage is only about 2 billion yuan. Therefore, Huaying disposes of assets and does not Not difficult.

Industry insiders said that the reason why Huaying went bankrupt was related to the collective decline of the global panel industry since last year, but the main reason was that in recent years, the panel industry in Taiwan was “lack of water, electricity, labor, land, and talent. ”, and even small and medium-sized panel companies are struggling, and even big manufacturers such as Runtaiquan, Jialianyi, and Dynamic Technology have to lay off staff or close factories.

“United Daily News” commented that this year, Taoyuan City has reported that Huaying, Runtaiquan, Jialianyi, and Dynamic Technology have laid off staff or closed factories, and many small and medium-sized enterprises have frequently closed their factories. The article believes that there is no solution to the “five shortages” of the island’s lack of water, electricity, labor, land, and talent, and the island’s future is not optimistic.

About Huaying

Huaying’s full name is “Zhonghua Picture Tube Co., Ltd.”, which was established in 1971. It is an early Taiwanese manufacturer of video tubes, which are key components of video products. It is also the world’s most important Display manufacturer and one of the “Panel Five Tigers” on the island. , once known as Taiwan’s “One of the Five Tigers of Panels” and “Monitor Whampoa Military Academy”, and its Display production ranks third in the world.

In response to the demand for product planarization, in 1997, it took the lead in introducing large-size TFT-LCD mass production technology, which opened the prelude to the flattening of Taiwan’s displays. Not only that, Huaying led the domestic industry in mass production of PDP (plasma TV) and became a product line. The most complete professional optoelectronics manufacturing plant, and promote Taiwan to the world stage of “display kingdom”.

The development history of Huaying:

In 1971, the company was founded (Taoyuan Factory) Taoyuan, Taiwan

In 1987, China Picture Tube Company Yangmei Factory Taiwan Yangmei

In 1989, Chunghwa Picture Tubes (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia

In 1991, Chunghwa Picture Tubes (Jinbao) Co., Ltd. Malaysia

In 1994, Huaying Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., Fuzhou, Fujian

In 1995, CPT Taoyuan STN-LCD Factory, Taoyuan, Taiwan

In 1996, Chunghwa Picture Tubes (UK) Co., Ltd. Scotland, UK

In 1999, CPT Taoyuan Factory TFT-LCD No. 1 Factory in Taoyuan, Taiwan

In 2001, China Picture Tubes Taoyuan Factory TFT-LCD Second Factory in Taoyuan, Taiwan

In 2001, Huaying Video (Wujiang) Co., Ltd. Wujiang, Jiangsu

2001, China Picture Tubes Taoyuan PDP Factory, Taoyuan, Taiwan

In 2003, Huaying Longtan Photoelectric Park, Taiwan Longtan

In 2003, Fuzhou Huaying Video Co., Ltd., Fuzhou, Fujian

In 2004, Fujian Huaying Display Technology Co., Ltd., Fuzhou, Fujian

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The first domestic aircraft carrier was delivered to the navy, and the era of China’s dual aircraft carriers began

On the afternoon of December 17, 2019, my country’s first domestically-made aircraft carrier Shandong Ship was delivered to the Navy at a military port in Sanya, Hainan. Upon approval, my country’s first domestically-made aircraft carrier was named “Shandong Ship of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy”, with the port number “17”.

On December 31, 2015, the Chinese Ministry of National Defense announced that China is building a domestic aircraft carrier. It has been four years since then, and China’s dream of owning the first domestic aircraft carrier has finally come true.

According to official reports, construction of the first domestically produced aircraft carrier started in November 2013 and in-dock construction began in March 2015. On April 26, 2017, the launching ceremony of the first domestically-made aircraft carrier was held in Dalian. Undocking and launching is one of the major milestones in the construction of an aircraft carrier, marking a major milestone in China’s independent design and construction of aircraft carriers.

On May 13, 2018, the domestic aircraft carrier ushered in the much-anticipated moment in the heavy fog-the first sea trial. Since then, the curtain of sea trials has been slowly opened. So far, the domestic aircraft carrier has carried out nine sea trials.

On November 17, 2019, the domestic aircraft carrier passed through the Taiwan Strait and went to the relevant waters of the South China Sea to carry out scientific research experiments and routine training, and docked at a military port in Sanya. Facts have proved that this is the “home” of the domestic aircraft carrier. As early as 2013, the Liaoning ship had already berthed at the military port for supplies. According to Xinhua News Agency, the military port is a large-scale military port designed and built by the Navy itself, with corresponding supporting facilities to meet the berthing needs of various large surface ships. Geng Yansheng, a spokesman for the Ministry of National Defense at the time, responded to the news that a new aircraft carrier base was being built in Sanya, saying that it is very necessary and normal for the Chinese army to carry out necessary maintenance and renovation of military facilities including military ports.

On December 17, 2019, the domestic aircraft carrier Shandong with hull number 17 was listed in a military port in Sanya. Among the coincidences of “Double 17”, there is another coincidence – this day in history, Beiyang Navy was in Weihai, Shandong Weihaiwei Liu The official establishment of Gongdao has spanned 131 years of history.

Prior to this, China’s first aircraft carrier Liaoning was delivered to the Navy on September 25, 2012. The Liaoning is a conventionally powered medium-sized aircraft carrier, and the take-off and landing method of the carrier-based aircraft is a ski-jump.

So far, after the Shandong ship was delivered and put into use, China entered the era of dual aircraft carriers.

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State Administration of Radio, Film and Television: Resolutely resist illegal and immoral artists using online platforms to make voice appearances

On September 9, the Network Audiovisual Program Management Department of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television held a symposium.

The meeting emphasized that it is necessary to adhere to strictness and practicality, to address both the symptoms and the symptoms, to effectively clarify the atmosphere in the field of online audio-visual literature and art, and to use resolute and powerful practical actions to let the people see changes and see results.

First, strengthen supervision. The competent radio and television departments at all levels should conscientiously implement the responsibility system for ideological work, and strengthen the responsibility for hosting and territorial management. It is necessary to continue to deepen the effectiveness of the special rectification of online variety shows,

No idol development program shall be broadcast;

Variety entertainment and reality shows that star children participate in shall not be broadcast;

Talent shows are not allowed to set up links and channels such as off-site voting, rankings, and assistance;

Resolutely resist bad trends such as “only traffic” and pan-entertainment;

Resolutely resist illegal and immoral artists using online platforms to make voice appearances;

It is necessary to continue to implement the review system for film remuneration management, strengthen work linkage with taxation and other relevant departments, strengthen information sharing, and resolutely crack down on “high-priced film remuneration” and “yin-yang contracts”.

The second is to hold down the responsibility of the compaction platform. Online audio-visual program service agencies must insist on putting social benefits in the first place, consciously assume media responsibilities and social responsibilities, and resolutely resist erroneous practices such as ridiculing scandals, hyping hot spots, and creating confrontations, and resisting the deformity of “only traffic” and “only appearance” culture.

The third is to strengthen literary criticism. Adhere to a serious, objective and comprehensive evaluation of works, constantly improve the professionalism of literary criticism, and give full play to the role of advocating the good and suppressing the bad.

Fourth, strengthen industry self-discipline. Industry associations should further strengthen industry self-discipline and training of practitioners, educate and guide the whole industry to abide by the law, respect morality and art, and jointly build a good network ecology.

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