BAIC New Energy’s 2019 sales target of 220,000 vehicles is not easy to achieve

Recently, BAIC New Energy has handed over the report card: the annual production and sales in 2018 were 110,141 and 158,012, an increase of 37.58% and 53.11% respectively. In addition, in the new energy vehicle sales list in December, the BAIC New Energy EU series won the championship with 12,561 units, followed by the BAIC New Energy EX series with 8,407 units sold.


BAIC New Energy’s 2019 sales target of 220,000 vehicles is not easy to achieve

Last year’s sales target, BAIC New Energy has achieved. Regarding this year’s sales target, Li Yixiu, deputy general manager of BAIC New Energy and general manager of the marketing company, said: “Although the new energy subsidy policy is declining, BAIC remains optimistic about the prospects of the new energy market, and plans to sell 220,000 new energy vehicles in 2019. At the same time, it will also develop intelligent networking technology and driverless technology.”

In 2019, new energy vehicles will gradually move towards the post-subsidy era. At the same time, the overall technical threshold will be higher and higher, and the requirements for cruising range and energy consumption will also be higher. Will BAIC New Energy’s sales target of 220,000 be a little overhang?

The goal of 220,000 vehicles is not easy to achieve

BAIC New Energy plans to sell 220,000 new energy vehicles in 2019. It is not easy to achieve this sales target.

First, new energy subsidies are facing a decline. At present, the 2019 new energy vehicle subsidy policy that the entire industry is waiting for, industry experts believe that it may be more severe than the expected 35% decline in subsidies, which puts higher requirements on BAIC New Energy and cannot rely too much on subsidies.

Second, industry competition will further intensify. With the continuous participation of joint venture brands and new car-making forces, the past few years will be the peak period for product launch. Last year, more than 20 new energy vehicles from joint venture brands were launched and unveiled. It is not difficult to see the new energy vehicle industry in the post-subsidy era. Competition will intensify further.

Finally, new energy indicators are difficult to obtain. At present, there are more than 390,000 applicants for the Beijing personal new energy passenger car index on the waiting list, and it will take 8 years for new applicants to obtain the index, which is another key factor for the sales of new energy vehicles.

How will BAIC New Energy respond in the post-subsidy era?

In the face of the post-subsidy era, Li Yixiu said that BAIC New Energy will seek two breakthroughs: the first is to break the dependence on subsidies, and the second is to use new business models to seek breakthroughs.


(Li Yixiu, Deputy General Manager of BAIC New Energy and General Manager of Marketing Company)

Specifically, BAIC New Energy will gradually get rid of its dependence on subsidies, and will be more market-oriented and launch products that meet consumer needs. In addition to the product level, BAIC New Energy will also improve in terms of technology, business model, service capabilities, etc., including its released Darwin system, vehicle-electric separation mode and other innovative attempts, as well as in the field of taxi/online booking/time-sharing and other travel fields Keep exploring.

Especially in terms of products, BAIC New Energy will further improve the layout. At present, BAIC BJEV’s products have covered a range of more than 200-500 kilometers. The EC series mainly introduces models with a range of 200 kilometers. LITE, EC3 and EU300 cover the market with a driving range of 300 kilometers; EX450 covers a range of 400 kilometers; EU5 The cruising range reaches 500 kilometers. In 2019, BAIC BJEV will successively launch EX5, EX3 and a new A+ class sedan and other products to further strengthen the product matrix.

In general, the main strategy of BAIC New Energy in dealing with the post-subsidy era is to strengthen its core competitiveness from multiple dimensions such as product technology, business model innovation and service capabilities.

With the increasing acceptance of new energy vehicles in the market year by year, the continuous introduction of high cruising range products and the further improvement of charging infrastructure, the development of the new energy vehicle market will become increasingly mature, and BAIC New Energy is also making full efforts to improve intelligence , automation, interconnection, innovative technology and other comprehensive strengths, expect it to stand out in a new automotive era.

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