BittWare and Achronix Announce Strategic Collaboration and Launch of Enterprise-Class PCIe Accelerator Card Products Using 7nm Speedster7t FPGAs

SINGAPORE – November 18, 2019 – BittWare, a Molex company, a leading supplier of enterprise-class FPGA accelerator cards for a variety of demanding computing, networking and storage applications, announced that it has partnered with Achronix semiconductor, Inc. A strategic partnership is in place to launch the S7t-VG6 PCIe accelerator card product – a feature-rich PCIe card supporting the new Achronix 7nm Speedster7t FPGA. This next-generation product offers a series of breakthrough features, including low-cost and highly flexible GDDR6 memory, which can provide HBM-class memory bandwidth, as well as high-performance machine learning processors and revolutionary 2D network-on-chip, The result is extremely high bandwidth and energy efficient data movement.

“BittWare has successfully developed and deployed advanced processing technologies for high-demand applications for three decades,” said BittWare President Jeff Milrod. “Achronix is ​​introducing a variety of novel approaches, architectures and implementations to the FPGA market, with the S7t card We’re excited to take advantage of these with the launch of the 2019-09-20. We’ll be able to deliver leading memory bandwidth and high-speed storage, network, and host interfaces while reaching new levels of price/performance and energy efficiency. Putting the Speedster7t on the I’m confident that the innovations of Alpha, combined with BittWare’s extensive experience and deep knowledge of accelerator card IP, will provide a compelling platform for data center, cloud infrastructure and enterprise solutions.”

Achronix CEO Robert Blake said: “We are very excited to be collaborating with BittWare and the wider Molex Group to announce the new VectorPath S7t accelerator card. The market response to Achronix’s new Speedster7t FPGA product family has been overwhelmingly positive. In order to provide our customers with the ability to quickly evaluate Speedster7t devices at the card level and server level and move to mass production, we needed a partner with in-depth design experience and the necessary logistics capabilities to serve our growing global customers Group support. As the market leader in FPGA-based PCIe cards and servers, BittWare was certainly the clear choice.”


Features of VectorPath S7t-VG6 Accelerator Card

BittWare’s VectorPath accelerator cards are designed for high-performance, high-bandwidth data applications with the following hardware features:

1 x 400GbE and 2 x 100GbE ports

8 banks of GDDR6 memory with aggregate bandwidth up to 4 Tbps

20 Tbps 2D Network on Chip (NoC)

1 bank of DDR4 with ECC running at 2666MHz

·Compliant with PCIe specifications and certification requirements

692K of 6 input LUTs

This enterprise-class product leverages BittWare’s extensive experience in accelerator card design, certification, deployment and support. Market-leading features include:

Thermal cooling options: passive, active or liquid

Integrated Board Management Controller (BMC)

· Supports Linux and Windows operating systems

Developer Kit: API, PCIe driver, application example design and self-troubleshooting

· Option to source the S7t as a pre-integrated Dell or HP Enterprise server from BittWare’s TeraBox family:

Shipments of the first S7t-VG6s are scheduled to begin in early Q2 2020. Please visit http://www.BittWare.rcom/S7t-VG6 to download the detailed data sheet.

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