Can the monopoly be broken?Jiefa Technology pushes tire pressure monitoring chip

A few days ago, NavInfo announced that the first tire pressure monitoring sensor chip AC5111, designed by its automotive Electronic chip design company Jiefa Technology, has been officially mass-produced. It is reported that the tire pressure monitoring sensor chip has received tens of thousands of mass production orders.

  Can the monopoly be broken?Jiefa Technology pushes tire pressure monitoring chip

The tire pressure monitoring sensor chip is mainly used for real-time monitoring of tire pressure during driving, and early warning of tire leakage and low pressure to ensure driving safety. According to statistics, 70% of highway traffic accidents in China are related to tire blowouts. In order to reduce the accident rate, in 2013, the National Standards Committee issued the “Performance Requirements and Test Methods for Passenger Car Tire Pressure Monitoring System”, pointing out that from January 1, 2020, all passenger cars in production will be forced to install tire pressure Monitoring System.

At present, most of the tire pressure monitoring sensor chip manufacturers in the industry are foreign companies, such as Infineon, Freescale, NXP, etc. Infineon is recognized as one of the best manufacturers in this field. Due to the weak strength of my country’s semiconductor industry, the chip market is mostly controlled by foreign companies, while domestic companies mainly focus on tire pressure monitoring system integration. The main companies include Baolong Technology, Iron General, and Lianchuang Electronics.


Jiefa Technology just saw the huge market opportunity for tire pressure monitoring chips, and hopes to gradually realize the autonomy of domestic chips through the AC5111 chip. According to official information, Jiefa Technology’s AC5111 chip consists of six functions: microprocessor (MCU), air pressure sensor, temperature detection, acceleration sensor, high-frequency radio frequency technology and low-frequency radio frequency technology. AC5111 is Jiefa Technology’s first product line in the field of MEMS chips. This chip will be produced by MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) foundry X-FAB, which is also the world’s top foundry. . In the future, Jiefa Technology’s new products such as smart cockpit chips, ADAS (advanced driver assistance system) chips, and other automotive MEMS sensor chips will also be introduced to the market one after another.

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