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Efficient buck regulator power modules enable space-efficient and simpler designs

Infineon Technologies AG has introduced highly efficient and reliable step-down DC-DC converter modules. Adding to the PoL family, these modules are ideal for system designers looking for compact, fully integrated, and simple-to-design POL products to assist them in speeding time to market. They primarily address space and thermally constrained telecom and datacom applications, servers, and network storage.

TDM3883 and 3885 IPOL are fully integrated single-output buck converters, providing a high-efficiency continuous 3A/4A load capability and line regulation across a wide input supply range (4.5-14V). The integrated Inductor and Capacitors lower external components and enable easier designs with far higher power density. The integration delivers improved performance compared to discrete solutions due to the low parasitic parameters by minimising the PCB wiring trace required. At the same time, thanks to their tiny package size, the modules fit into the restricted PCB space providing up to 80% area saving on the customer solution. In these optimised modules, the company excessively tests the integrated inductor and capacitors in reliability and final test, removing the effort of passive components selection and test.

The modules offer a low supply current (10μA) at shutdown producing longer battery life for portable applications. Also, their tight reference voltage V REF tolerance (0.5V±1%) and low ripple offer accurate power delivery and contribute to system stability and reliability. They employ an Enhanced Stability COT engine with ceramic capacitors without external compensation and a FCCM option to further support this. Also, the modules come with thermally-compensated internal OCP, enhanced light load efficiency with reduced switching frequency and DEM. With ultra-light loads, they can enter a low quiescent current mode making it excellent for standby power supplies. Other features comprise internal soft-start, enable input, pre-bias start-up, thermal shut down, a power-good output, OVP, and UVLO.

The five major displays of the future world through time and space… 2021-11-26 07:09

/a>LED” title=”LED”>LED backlight” and “cheap wide viewing angle” have also become insufficient. Without enough innovative designs, the recent display will inevitably enter a price war, which is also a sign of the decline of this industry, and the market urgently needs new technology to stimulate.


Fuji 6RI30G-160

#6RI30G-160 Fuji 6RI30G-160 New IGBT: 30A1600V, 6RI30G-160 pictures, 6RI30G-160 price, #6RI30G-160 supplier


6RI30G-160 Description
6RI30G-160 is a Glass Passivation Chip Easy Connection Insulated Type.
Target Applications
6RI30G-160 Inverters Battery Chargers DC Motors General Purpose DC Power Supplies

IGBT: 30A1600V

The electronics industry actively participates in the battle of epidemic prevention and control, Heraeus donated 1,000 sets of UV germicidal lamps

The 1,000 sets of UV germicidal lamps donated by Heraeus’ special light source have arrived at the front line of anti-epidemic in Huanggang, Hubei, where medical supplies are urgently needed.

Heraeus is a global group company headquartered in Hanau, Germany for the production of precious metals and technology supply.

It is reported that on February 11, Heraeus Special Light Source contacted SF Express urgently, and arranged a special vehicle to transport the donated ultraviolet germicidal lamps from Shanghai to Hubei and sent to the Huanggang Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters. It has been delivered on February 12, and will be distributed to hospitals in the jurisdiction that are in urgent need of supplies.

Recently, the National Health Commission and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine announced the “Diagnosis and Treatment Program for Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (Trial Version 4)”. The new version of the diagnosis and treatment plan writes that the virus is sensitive to ultraviolet light and heat.

Heraeus technical experts introduced that when the cumulative UV dose received by most bacteria and viruses reaches 20mJ, the inactivation rate can be as high as 99% or more. The 253.7nm ultraviolet light can effectively destroy the genetic material (DNA or RNA) of microorganisms, so that bacteria and viruses cannot complete the replication and transcription of genetic material, thereby killing bacterial pathogens and eliminating the source of infection.


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1.2kV dual gate driver for SiC mosfets

Called AgileSwitch 2ASC-12A2HP, “the gate driver provides multiple levels of control and a higher level of protection for silicon carbide mosfet-based power systems,” according to the company. “Key performance attributes include the ability to dampen drain-source voltage overshoots and slash switching losses”.

The driver can source and source up to 10A peak, and includes an isolated dc-dc converter with a low capacitance isolation barrier for pulse width modulation signals and fault feedback.

It is not clear if this 10A is from the 2ASC-12A2HP itself or with the associated nodule adapter board (MAB) – diagram left. Clarification has been requested.

Output voltage can be bipolar: positive from +15 to +21V, and negative from 0 to -5V. Power for this  comes via an on-board isolator from 15V.

It is compatible with the latest release of Microchip’s Intelligent Configuration Tool (‘ICT’, free download), which allows users to configure gate driver parameters including the gate switching profiles, system critical monitors and Controller interface settings.

“The result is a gate driver that is tailored to their applications without having to change hardware,” said the company.

As well as the software, there is a family of module adapter boards match footprints with the company’s Augmented Switching Accelerated Development Kits (ASDAK), that include gate drivers, module adapter boards and a programming kit.

The 2ASC-12A2HP data sheet is here, and MAB information here



12:1 input range dc-dc for railway and industry

TDK-Lambda has created a 200W dc-dc converter series that can accept inputs across 14 to 160Vdc, a 1:12 range.

Called PYH200, packaging is industry-standard board-mount half-brick, measuring 61 x 58 x 12.7mm.

For EN 50155 (railway rolling stock) applications, the converters are potted with silicone for shock and vibration resistance.

Variants are available with 12, 15, 24 or 48V nominal outputs (±1%), adjustable over -20% to +15% to deliver non-standard voltages.

Efficiency is up to 90% in some models and the parts can be conduction cooled with base plate temperatures across -40 to +100°C – heatsinks for convection cooling and forced air cooling are available.

Remote sense, remote on/off and external clock frequency synchronisation are included, as is hold-up extension by connecting an external capacitor, Resistor and diode.

Other external components are essential: a fuse, a 240µF aluminium capacitor for operating stability, a 1µF ceramic multilayer and a 10µF aluminium or tantalum for good transient response (with ESR caveats), and a 100µF 200V capacitor and SMCJ180A suppressor diode if EN61000-4-4 or EN61000-4-5 need to be met. Additional filtering is also recommended under some circumstances – see the data sheet.

Protections include over-current, output over-voltage and over-temperature.

Input to output and input to baseplate isolation is 3,000Vac with an output to baseplate isolation of 500Vac.

Certification is to IEC/UL/CSA/EN 62368-1 safety standards with the CE and UKCA marks for the Low voltage and RoHS Directives.

“PYH200 in combination with a typical test setup has been tested to meet the EN 50155, EN 45545-2, EN 61373 and EN 50121-3-2 railway standards,” according to TDK.

The PYH200 series can be found at this web page, and the data sheet is here

Mitsubishi PM600HSA120

#PM600HSA120 Mitsubishi PM600HSA120 New IPM: 600A 1200V, PM600HSA120 pictures, PM600HSA120 price, #PM600HSA120 supplier


PM600HSA120 Description
PM600HSA120, Intellimod Module Half Phase IGBT Inverter Output 600 Amperes/1200 Volts, MITSUBISHI INTELLIGENT POWER MODULES FLAT-BASE TYPE INSULATED PACKAGE
PM600HSA120  2.40 lbs
PM600HSA120 could be used in Inverters, UPS, Motion/Servo Control, Power Supplies

IPM: 600A 1200V

Supercapacitors offer improved load characteristics in capacitance

Taiyo Yuden RSELT Supercapacitors, available now from Mouser, display improved load characteristics in capacitance and internal resistance change. These cylinder-type radial leaded supercapacitors provide a maximum voltage of 2.7V and are operable across a -40C to +85C temperature range and 3.3F to 50F capacitance range.

The devices provide improved load characteristics against competitors in capacitance and internal resistance change. The equivalent series resistance values are as low as 0.01-Ohm. These environmentally friendly devices have no heavy metals, such as cadmium, mercury, and lead. They are manufactured with acetonitrile.

These supercapacitors are ideal for backup power sources, load change levelling, power source storage, and main power source applications.

Mouser Electronics Now Offers Full Qorvo UWB Portfolio

November 2, 2020 – Mouser Electronics, an authorized global distributor of Electronic components focused on introducing new products, is pleased to announce that Mouser Electronics is now shipping Qorvo’s full line of Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology products (formerly Decawave) . Qorvo’s UWB portfolio utilizes advanced pulsed radio UWB technology to perform centimeter-accurate distance/position measurements, as well as provide low power, low power consumption for automotive, mobile, industrial and consumer Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Delayed secure data communication.

Qorvo is a renowned provider of innovative RF solutions that help connect the world. The company recently acquired Decawave, a provider of advanced UWB technology that specializes in UWB solutions for mobile, automotive and IoT applications. Decawave UWB products have successfully penetrated more than 40 vertical markets, including industrial automation, logistics, hospitals, automotive, home robotics, connected home and sports. Decawave merged into Qorvo to become the Ultra Wideband Business Unit (UWBU) of Qorvo Mobile Products.

The Qorvo UWB technology product line offered by Mouser includes the DW1000 radio IC and two modules featuring the DW1000 IC. The DW1000 UWB transceiver IC is the world’s first single-chip wireless transceiver based on UWB technology. The IC helps engineers develop cost-effective real-time location system (RTLS) solutions with indoor and outdoor positioning accuracy to within 10 cm, IEEE802.15.4-2011 compliant, and supports data rates up to 6.8 Mbps.

The DWM1000 module integrates the DW1000 IC, antenna, and power management and clock components, simplifying design integration with a variety of microcontrollers. The module supports time-of-flight (ToF) and time-difference-of-arrival (TDoA) positioning architectures for RTLS and wireless networking applications for applications such as agriculture, building control, factory automation, and healthcare.

Qorvo’s DWM1001 module combines the DW1000 IC, Nordic semiconductor nRF52832 system-on-chip (SoC), 3-axis accelerometer and integrated antenna to create a solution that minimizes RF and hardware design requirements. Mouser also offers the DWM1001-DEV for development, which contains the DWM1001 module, battery connector and charging circuitry, LEDs, buttons, Raspberry Pi-compatible connections, and a USB connector. In addition, the board also comes with a J-Link OB, which provides additional debugging and virtual COM port functionality.

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