Chip shortage is expected to alleviate?Sony will cooperate with TSMC to build factory

On October 29, according to foreign media reports, Sony officially announced at its first-half financial report yesterday that it would consider cooperating with TSMC to establish a wafer fab. At present, the location is tentatively scheduled in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. Sony Chief Financial Officer Hiroki Totoki said at the meeting that there is still a shortage of global chips, and how to stably purchase semiconductors has become a key issue for many companies around the world. The new factories of major foundries and expansion of production capacity may solve this problem. problem.

Sony said that in the future, it will continue to discuss the cooperation with TSMC and the Ministry of Industry and Economy in Japan on the issue of cooperation in building factories. Sony may consider sharing the company’s expertise in wafer operations with TSMC.

Earlier, there was news that TSMC would invest 800 billion yen to build factories in Japan, of which nearly half of this expenditure will be borne by the Japanese government. And the factory land required to build the factory will be provided by Sony Group; the new factory operating subsidiary set up by TSMC will also be funded and provided by Sony. In this way, TSMC can reap enough benefits in Japan without paying any cost.

Through the establishment of factories in Japan, TSMC’s scale and production capacity will be further improved. As a result, TSMC has further increased its market share and maintained its current dominant position in the semiconductor industry. Today, both Samsung Electronics and Intel hope to surpass TSMC, so the pressure on TSMC is not small.

The foundry technology is also urgently needed by Japan. In order to improve and protect Japan’s semiconductor production capacity and solve a major hidden danger in Japan’s heart, Japan has proposed such favorable conditions to attract TSMC to build factories in Japan. The Japanese government has shown itself. Full of sincerity.

It is reported that Sony occupies approximately 50% of the global smartphone image sensor market and is also TSMC’s largest Japanese customer. In addition, Sony is also trying to expand its business scope by using its CMOS image sensor technology, and has been accelerating business expansion in areas such as electric vehicles and smart city development. The establishment of a joint venture with TSMC is also to ensure stable procurement of CIS semiconductors used in smartphones.

According to previous news, TSMC and Sony have roughly finalized the outline of the joint venture factory plan, and will cooperate to build a new semiconductor factory in Kikuyo, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan (it happens that Sony also has a fab nearby). It is reported that Sony is only a minority. Equity. The total investment may be as high as 1 trillion yen (approximately RMB 56.18 billion), while the Japanese government needs to subsidize about half of the funds, which will aid 500 billion yen (approximately RMB 28.09 billion). Sony is currently proceeding with the procedures for obtaining land for the plant. According to reports, TSMC expects to hire 2,000 employees for the semiconductor factory. This new fab will be put into production in 2024 and will mainly produce 22/28nm process chips for image sensors, automotive chips and other products.

Now, all major wafer foundries have plans to build and expand production, but it is not clear when the factory will be built and when the energy will be produced. These plans can be realized as scheduled, and we need to wait and see.

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