D-sub full-metal hoods offer different locking systems for multiple applications

Flexlock from Provertha is a new patented locking system for D-Sub full-metal hoods. Users can now freely decide between several different locking systems for a D-Sub hood series according to application demands. The patented dual locking system provides the conventional screw locking mechanism with knurled screw, combination slot and Allen key and the innovative Quick Lock push-pull locking system. Furthermore, there are other locking options: the sliding lock and a locking system with an insertable nut for cable-to-cable connections.

With the new hoods, the company provides users a D-Sub system for highly flexible locking at equipment interfaces and for ‘loose’ cables or cable connections. The zinc die-cast enclosure is intended for very severe conditions in industrial automation and control cabinet construction at temperatures between -55C to +90C. The nickel-plated surface provides an attractive visual appearance for applications where good looks are essential.

With the locking system, shock- and vibration-proof D-Sub fastenings in accordance with EN 61373 need no auxiliary tools and may be carried out in seconds with a single-handed operation. Secure locking is assured by acoustic and tactile feedback. Compared to standard screw and slide locking systems, assembly can, therefore, be carried out far faster. Existing D-Sub unit interfaces can be readily converted with low-cost locking pin sets to assist the locking of the Quick Lock hood. Multiple locking pin versions are available for this.

The new hoods are offered as an individually packaged kit for assembly directly on site. Although, they may also be provided in bulk packaging for cable assemblies in larger quantities.

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