Display Whampoa Military Academy – Taiwan Huaying Company went bankrupt

In recent years, smart TVs and speakers with screens have been on the rise, becoming the entrance to smart homes, in which displays play an important role. However, according to media reports, the Chunghwa Picture Tube Company, a subsidiary of Taiwan’s Datong Group, recently declared bankruptcy, and this is also the case with the highest amount and the largest number of people in Taiwan’s history.

Taiwan’s “Lianhe Wanbao” said on the 20th that Huaying’s wages in August and September have not been paid as agreed, and a total of 1,842 workers have been owed wages. The “Ministry of Labor” advance fund will be advanced first, with a rough estimate of about 800 million yuan. New Taiwan dollars will be issued to employees before the Spring Festival next year at the latest.

In March of this year, Huaying announced that it would lay off 2,500 employees, accounting for more than half of the 4,500 workers in the entire factory. It was the largest layoff in the history of Taiwan’s Panel industry. In September of this year, Huaying’s land, plant, machinery and equipment were seized by the court, unable to continue to operate and production, and production was completely stopped. In order to repay the wages of employees, in the middle of this month, Huaying is also preparing to sell two 4.5-generation production lines.

It is understood that Taiwan’s “Labor Base Law” stipulates that wages, pensions and severance pay owed by workers can be advanced in advance by the “advance fund”. Some officials from the “Ministry of Labor” said that Huaying’s land is in good condition. Taking Yangmei Factory as an example, the latest estimated value of the land plant is more than NT$4 billion, but the legal mortgage is only about 2 billion yuan. Therefore, Huaying disposes of assets and does not Not difficult.

Industry insiders said that the reason why Huaying went bankrupt was related to the collective decline of the global panel industry since last year, but the main reason was that in recent years, the panel industry in Taiwan was “lack of water, electricity, labor, land, and talent. ”, and even small and medium-sized panel companies are struggling, and even big manufacturers such as Runtaiquan, Jialianyi, and Dynamic Technology have to lay off staff or close factories.

“United Daily News” commented that this year, Taoyuan City has reported that Huaying, Runtaiquan, Jialianyi, and Dynamic Technology have laid off staff or closed factories, and many small and medium-sized enterprises have frequently closed their factories. The article believes that there is no solution to the “five shortages” of the island’s lack of water, electricity, labor, land, and talent, and the island’s future is not optimistic.

About Huaying

Huaying’s full name is “Zhonghua Picture Tube Co., Ltd.”, which was established in 1971. It is an early Taiwanese manufacturer of video tubes, which are key components of video products. It is also the world’s most important Display manufacturer and one of the “Panel Five Tigers” on the island. , once known as Taiwan’s “One of the Five Tigers of Panels” and “Monitor Whampoa Military Academy”, and its Display production ranks third in the world.

In response to the demand for product planarization, in 1997, it took the lead in introducing large-size TFT-LCD mass production technology, which opened the prelude to the flattening of Taiwan’s displays. Not only that, Huaying led the domestic industry in mass production of PDP (plasma TV) and became a product line. The most complete professional optoelectronics manufacturing plant, and promote Taiwan to the world stage of “display kingdom”.

The development history of Huaying:

In 1971, the company was founded (Taoyuan Factory) Taoyuan, Taiwan

In 1987, China Picture Tube Company Yangmei Factory Taiwan Yangmei

In 1989, Chunghwa Picture Tubes (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia

In 1991, Chunghwa Picture Tubes (Jinbao) Co., Ltd. Malaysia

In 1994, Huaying Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., Fuzhou, Fujian

In 1995, CPT Taoyuan STN-LCD Factory, Taoyuan, Taiwan

In 1996, Chunghwa Picture Tubes (UK) Co., Ltd. Scotland, UK

In 1999, CPT Taoyuan Factory TFT-LCD No. 1 Factory in Taoyuan, Taiwan

In 2001, China Picture Tubes Taoyuan Factory TFT-LCD Second Factory in Taoyuan, Taiwan

In 2001, Huaying Video (Wujiang) Co., Ltd. Wujiang, Jiangsu

2001, China Picture Tubes Taoyuan PDP Factory, Taoyuan, Taiwan

In 2003, Huaying Longtan Photoelectric Park, Taiwan Longtan

In 2003, Fuzhou Huaying Video Co., Ltd., Fuzhou, Fujian

In 2004, Fujian Huaying Display Technology Co., Ltd., Fuzhou, Fujian

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