During the epidemic, the “high fever” in the forehead gun market did not subside, and Jieduobang practiced its corporate responsibility

“Hello, I am a medical device manufacturer. There is an urgent need for a large number of forehead thermometers on the front line of the epidemic. Can your company provide the supply of forehead thermometer PCB boards?”

Some time ago, in order to help the epidemic prevention and control war, Shenzhen Jieduobang gave priority to supplying PCB boards of infrared forehead thermometers (forehead temperature guns for short) at low prices for a number of medical device companies. Later, the company’s customer service continued to receive calls from related companies, requesting the supply of PCB boards for forehead thermometers.

Why are forehead guns so popular?

During the epidemic, the “high fever” in the forehead gun market did not subside, and Jieduobang practiced its corporate responsibility

The forehead thermometer mainly measures temperature through infrared rays, which is easy to operate, fast to measure, and can be measured without touching the skin; aiming at the forehead, the temperature measurement result can be obtained in a few seconds, which is convenient, simple, fast, hygienic, free of cleaning, suitable for Elderly, children, hospital and home use. According to the spirit of the document “Guidelines for Epidemic Prevention and Control Measures for the Resumption of Work and Production in Enterprises and Institutions” by the State Council, all enterprises and institutions should do a good job in epidemic prevention in the workplace. Every time employees enter the unit or factory area, their body temperature should be checked at the entrance, and the body temperature should be normal. Enter. As a result, the forehead thermometer has become a necessity for resumption of work, the supply is in short supply and the price has skyrocketed.

During the epidemic, the forehead thermometer is an important “anti-epidemic weapon”. Using additional guns to quickly screen and identify suspected infected persons with fever symptoms is a key part of epidemic prevention and control. From transportation hubs to communities, hospitals, schools, and then to office buildings, every day there are specialized personnel with extra guns to conduct body temperature detection of the crowd, identify those with fever over 37.2°C, and then hand them over to the medical and disease control departments for further processing. In order to achieve the purpose of screening out most of the patients from the population, and then adopting isolation observation and treatment measures, the purpose of “controlling the source of infection” can be achieved.

As the carrier for the connection of Electronic components – PCB, it is also one of the core components of the forehead thermometer and many medical equipment. It is indispensable in this epidemic prevention and control battle. Therefore, the resumption time and production capacity of the PCB factory are to a certain extent. It is also related to the supply of anti-epidemic substances. After the outbreak, Jieduobang received PCB orders from forehead thermometer manufacturers. As a first-line production enterprise designated by relevant departments to fight the epidemic, Jie Duobang resumed work ahead of schedule and opened a green channel, rushing production and production day and night under the condition of insufficient manpower, practicing corporate responsibility with practical actions, and contributing to the fight against the epidemic for the whole society. strength.

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