Efficient buck regulator power modules enable space-efficient and simpler designs

Infineon Technologies AG has introduced highly efficient and reliable step-down DC-DC converter modules. Adding to the PoL family, these modules are ideal for system designers looking for compact, fully integrated, and simple-to-design POL products to assist them in speeding time to market. They primarily address space and thermally constrained telecom and datacom applications, servers, and network storage.

TDM3883 and 3885 IPOL are fully integrated single-output buck converters, providing a high-efficiency continuous 3A/4A load capability and line regulation across a wide input supply range (4.5-14V). The integrated Inductor and Capacitors lower external components and enable easier designs with far higher power density. The integration delivers improved performance compared to discrete solutions due to the low parasitic parameters by minimising the PCB wiring trace required. At the same time, thanks to their tiny package size, the modules fit into the restricted PCB space providing up to 80% area saving on the customer solution. In these optimised modules, the company excessively tests the integrated inductor and capacitors in reliability and final test, removing the effort of passive components selection and test.

The modules offer a low supply current (10μA) at shutdown producing longer battery life for portable applications. Also, their tight reference voltage V REF tolerance (0.5V±1%) and low ripple offer accurate power delivery and contribute to system stability and reliability. They employ an Enhanced Stability COT engine with ceramic capacitors without external compensation and a FCCM option to further support this. Also, the modules come with thermally-compensated internal OCP, enhanced light load efficiency with reduced switching frequency and DEM. With ultra-light loads, they can enter a low quiescent current mode making it excellent for standby power supplies. Other features comprise internal soft-start, enable input, pre-bias start-up, thermal shut down, a power-good output, OVP, and UVLO.

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