Electro-chromic displays find a market?

Electro-chromic displays find a market?

The company teamed up with SpotSee to create a 91 x 59mm calibrated temperature indication label for cold-chain use: temperature-controlled shipment and storage of goods such as blood bags, high-end foods, biomaterials and medicines.

“With the TempSafe Electrocard, we now expand our solutions offering with a temperature measuring electronic smart-label, a customisable time-temperature indicator solution, that can achieve sub-zero temperatures, as well as visually indicate above and below thresholds with Ynvisible’s electrochromic displays,” said SpotSee CEO Tony Fonk.

Electro-chromic displays find a market?The label operates across -5 to +40°C (-40 to +80°C for up to 2 hours) and is accurate to ±0.5°C. It samples every 1 minute (after a 30minute start delay) and runs for up to 14 days. Shelf life is a year prior to activation.

Preset thresholds are 2-8°C or 2-25°C, and an alarm is triggered if it is outside those for more than 30 minutes of accumulated time.

“Ynvisible is now increasingly focused on smart-label markets,” said Ynvisible Michael Robinson. “We have proven our ability to produce hundreds of thousands of electrochromic displays in roll-to-roll format. We can print in several tens of millions of units per year.” That said, electro-chromic displays can be made on single sheet processes for lower volumes.

In addition to launching TempSafe Electrocard, SpotSee and Ynvisible are collaborating on a next generation of temperature sensing and indication for smart labels.

Both companies are partners in the Charisma project, funded by EU’s Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions program. The project co-ordinated by the Institute of Organic Chemistry, Vienna University, and includes Universida de Nova de Lisboa (Portugal) and Tampere University (Finland), and companies Science Made Simple, Packdesign ID and Trelic.

Find out more about TempSafe here

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