FAW Jiefang: Zhitu Technology completed the first financing of over 100 million yuan to promote the development of Jiefang’s smart car industry

China Securities News (Reporter Song Weidong) A reporter from China Securities News learned from FAW Jiefang (000800) on November 14 that Suzhou Zhitu Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Zhitu Technology”) with its leading technical strength and unique commercialization Its ability has been recognized by Bank of China Group Investment Co., Ltd., China Academy of Science and Technology Development, Gome Capital and other institutions, and has recently received over 100 million yuan in financing. This is also the first financing that Zhitu Technology has completed since its establishment.

Zhitu Technology was established in August 2019. It is a research and development technology company of intelligent vehicle software and hardware system initiated by FAW Jiefang. After two years of technology precipitation, Zhitu Technology has achieved a balance between OEM resources, technology maturity and cost, enabling a better combination of car company genes and AI algorithms.

Zhitu Technology will use this round of financing to accelerate the iterative improvement of the team’s L3-L5 autonomous driving AI algorithms, consolidate the advantages of full-stack self-developed high-level autonomous driving algorithms, and continue to provide leading autonomous driving integrated solutions for the logistics industry. It is responsible for the research and development of FAW Jiefang’s core intelligent system and parts products and the landing operation of FAW Jiefang’s smart cars.

In July this year, Zhitu Technology assisted FAW Jiefang in completing the front-loading and mass production of J7 super heavy-duty trucks for trunk line scenarios, which fully proved Zhitu Technology’s full-chain capabilities of “technology-product-vehicle-end”. It is worth mentioning that, based on the blessing of capital, Zhitu Technology will gain greater impetus for the research and development of L4-level mass-produced autonomous driving systems, and Zhitu Technology itself can continue to empower the industry with its hard-core scientific and technological strength.

At present, Zhitu Technology has realized the deployment of intelligent driving, focusing on trunk logistics, covering sanitation, ports, ports and other scenarios, and has accumulated profound experience. In the future, Zhitu Technology will make full use of the Columbus ecological platform and partner resources to comprehensively promote the development of Jiefang’s intelligent vehicle industry, help FAW Jiefang to lead the new track of intelligent driving of commercial vehicles, and provide users with a complete solution of intelligent logistics with key intelligent driving technologies and products. solutions to make transportation and logistics smarter and safer.

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