Foreign media worry that the spread of the new crown epidemic is dangerous for online car-hailing drivers and takeaways

Netease Technology News March 3 news, according to foreign media reports, for those so-called “gig economy” practitioners who provide ride-hailing and delivery services, they are independent contractors and do not have many protection measures, so they are facing the new coronavirus. Threat of the spread of the virus.

The global spread of the virus has prompted many companies to instruct employees to stop traveling or telecommute, and the most vulnerable groups include gig workers like Uber or Lyft drivers. These people are at risk of infection while providing services and losing all their income if they stop working.

“The gig economy is filled with low-income independent contractors who don’t have great health insurance,” said Alex Rosenblat, research leader at the nonprofit Data & Society. will not be better protected than anyone else and therefore may be at higher risk.”

If these people are forced to continue to work because of a lack of income, the outbreak could spread faster. Rosenblatt believes the health risks posed by the outbreak could prompt a change in policy, as companies are held liable if drivers or passengers become infected.

Companies like Uber, Lyft, grocery delivery service Insta and food delivery service DoorDash all classify couriers or drivers as independent contractors, a classification that saves companies a lot of money because they don’t have to provide gig workers with health insurance and other benefits . Independent contractors also don’t have the right to unionize.

However, this situation is changing. The Silicon Valley Rise campaign, led by community group Working Partnership USA, is urging tech companies to include contractors and gig workers in their response plans. The campaign also requires companies to provide protective equipment, health insurance, sick leave, and ensure workers who take sick leave are not discriminated against when they return.

Spokespeople for Uber, Lyft and Insta all said they have dedicated teams within them to monitor the situation closely and ensure action is taken if necessary.

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