Founder of AFBE-UK boosts EW BrightSparks selection panel

Founder of AFBE-UK boosts EW BrightSparks selection panel

The organisation promotes higher achievement in education and engineering, particularly among people from the black and minority ethnicity backgrounds. And he himself is Head of Process at engineering consultancy Optimus Plus, in Aberdeen, and is a Visiting Professor at the University of Dundee.

It’s great to have Dr. Ollie on board and he told us he is keen to highlight the achievements of young engineers in the UK, as their work is needed more than ever.

“We live in an era of contradictions, an era of information, yet we still have so many problems. While scientists work hard to help us understand these problems, engineers are the ones who provide solutions,” he said.

“The role of engineers has therefore never been more vital. It is important that we showcase excellent engineers as role models for others to follow. This is why I am excited about helping to make these engineers more visible. It’s also why I am proud to be a judge of the EW BrightSparks Awards!”

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The EW BrightSparks programme is run in partnership with RS Components each year, and we are once again looking for the young engineers who are already making a difference in the first years of their working life, or who are still studying but are showing the promise to become the people behind big future innovations in electronics.

So, stay tuned for the announcement of the final cohort, the Class of 2022. And thank you again to everyone who has entered so far! Note that the deadline for entries is Friday 1 April.

Awards Day

The Awards Day will take place at the IET in Savoy Place, London on Friday 17 June, and we will be covering the event fully both in print and online, including subsequent individual profiles of all the BrightSparks of 2022.

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