Haptic driver integrates sensing for mobile gaming

Boréas Technologies has released the BOS0614, a four-channel piezo-haptic driver with integrated sensing, aimed at improving gaming experiences on smartphones. The BOS0614 is based on the company’s patented CapDrive technology, which delivers high-definition (HD) haptic feedback and integrated force sensing to the smallest devices, while reducing power consumption.

Haptic driver integrates sensing for mobile gaming

(Source: Boréas Technologies)

The four-channel BOS0614 drives up to four actuators simultaneously, and combines customizable haptics, high-resolution force sensing, and ultra-low latency for more immersive experiences for mobile gamers, said the company.

“With the important E-sports growth we’ve seen in the last few years, phone OEMs are looking at ways to improve the gaming experience on smartphones,” said Simon Chaput, CEO of Boréas, in a statement.

“Our latest technology, the BOS0614, allows OEMs to add gaming trigger buttons that improve the gamer performance. With touch sampling rate support up to 10 kHz, the gamer intent is transmitted to the game in less than 100 µs – an improvement of more than 20× in input latency,” Chaput stated. “Furthermore, the BOS0614 delivers low-latency customizable haptic feedback to each button to create the most immersive mobile gaming experience. The BOS0614 enables the kind of experience only the PlayStation 5 console Controller was able to create before, but on a smartphone.”

Key specifications of the 60-V CapDrive piezo driver include a 10 kSps force sampling rate, 100 μs detection latency, 220 μV force sensing resolution, and a wide supply voltage range of 3 V to 5.5 V. Other features include zero-power sensing for wake-up, an I3C/I2C digital communication interface, a deep FIFO interface, and four GPIOs.

Haptic driver integrates sensing for mobile gaming

Schematic of the BOS0614 piezo-haptic driver. Click for a larger image. (Source: Boréas Technologies)

The BOS0614 is housed in a  WLCSP (2.1×2.5×0.5 mm) package. Boréas will demo the BOS0614 at the Sensors Converge conference, June 27-29, in booth #1548.

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