South Korean media reported on March 15 that Samsung Electronics has recently reached a cooperation with Waymo, the self-driving unit of Google parent company Alphabet, to develop chips for the latter’s next-generation self-driving cars.


(Image credit: Waymo)

South Korean media quoted an unidentified industry source as saying that Samsung will develop a chip that can calculate data collected by various sensors installed in self-driving cars, or by exchanging information in real time with Google data centers , thereby centrally controlling vehicle functions. The report also added that the project is expected to be carried out by Samsung’s logic chip development division.

Waymo, one of the world’s many self-driving technology research companies, is considered a leader in the self-driving industry and has begun offering a small-scale self-driving ride-hailing service in Chandler, Arizona. Previously, Trent Victor, the company’s director of safety research, said: “We believe there is an opportunity to replace human drivers with Waymo drivers, thereby improving road safety.”

Self-driving cars are equipped with complex technology and advanced chips, so only the best components can be used in self-driving vehicles, and Samsung is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of advanced logic chipsets, and the cooperation between the two parties may produce good results.

All along, Samsung has been actively looking for new chip customers. In the long run, the partnership with Waymo may bring more new customers to Samsung. At present, the self-driving industry is developing rapidly. If Samsung can prove its ability to become a reliable partner of Waymo, it is very likely that more self-driving technology companies will seek its help in the future.

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