Huawei Hongmeng OS open source donates all basic capabilities, A-share domestic software soars

Last week, Huawei officially launched HarmonyOS (Hongmeng operating system), and announced that Hongmeng is fully open source and has donated all its basic capabilities. For the first time, the copyright of domestic software has strengthened in an all-round way today, and many stocks have directly increased their daily limit.

As of the close of noon, the A-share software sector has risen sharply, among which China Software has risen by the daily limit, Runhe Software has risen by more than 16%, ArcherMind has risen by more than 10%, Wanxing Technology has risen by more than 7%, Longsoft Technology, Creative Information, Kelan Software and so on.

Regarding the Hongmeng system, Huawei stated that the intelligent terminal operating system (ie “Hongmeng operating system”) is a brand-new and independent intelligent terminal operating system developed by Huawei for the era of the Internet of Everything. It provides a unified system for the intelligence, interconnection and collaboration of different devices. language.

The operating system has three characteristics:

First, a set of operating systems can meet the needs of large and small devices, achieve unified OS, and flexible deployment;

The second is that the devices equipped with the operating system are integrated at the system level to form a super terminal, so that the hardware capabilities of the devices can be flexibly expanded, and hardware mutual assistance and resource sharing between devices can be realized;

The third is for developers to realize one-time development and multi-terminal deployment.

Huawei has donated all the basic capabilities of the smart terminal operating system to the Open Atom Open Source Foundation in 2020 and 2021. The Open Atom Open Source Foundation will integrate the contributions of other participants to form the OpenHarmony open source project (the project’s The Chinese name is being registered by the Open Atom Open Source Foundation), and Huawei will continue to participate in the joint construction of the OpenHarmony open source project.

Organizations and individuals who are interested and in need around the world can participate in the project on an equal footing to achieve mutual consultation, co-construction, sharing and win-win results.

Source: C114 Communication Network

Author: Xian Rui

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