Imec solid-state Li battery spin-off raises €10m

Imec solid-state Li battery spin-off raises €10m

Lthe funding came in a seed investment round led by imec.xpand supported by an investment syndicate including LRM, Nuhma and FPIM.

The proceeds will be used to develop the technology required to enable further electrification of the transport industry with solutions that address current issues in autonomy, performance, longevity and safety.

Solid-state batteries intend to improve The energy density, charging speed, weight and volume of classic batteries. Their adoption has not taken off so far due to significant manufacturability hurdles.

Imec has invested for 10 years in new technology to further boost the performance of solid-state batteries, whilst proposing components enabling an assembly process that is more compatible with classical Li-ion batteries assembly lines.

SOLiTHOR’s technology is unique and is based on breakthrough chemistry and components– the nano-Solid Composite Electrolyte and the nano-anode, developed within the EnergyVille labs and patented by Imec,” says SOLiTHOR founder and CEO Huw Hampton-Jones.


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