In the future, 5G mobile phones can receive TV programs for free: do not spend data, do not choose operators

In addition to high-speed download and low latency, what benefits will 5G bring? China Radio and Television gave the latest answer: 5G broadcasting.

On December 3, Zeng Qingjun, vice president of China Radio and Television Network, revealed at the seminar on 700MHz technology and industrial application that in the future, the 5G NR channel will be used, so that all 5G terminals can receive digital TV broadcasted by 5G, without worrying about traffic and traffic. network congestion problem. He gave an example of whether the Winter Olympics can allow 5G mobile phones to watch digital TV broadcast by radio and television without traffic, without worrying about the charges of the three major operators.

Zeng Guoqing said that with the help of the existing 5G NR channel for 5G broadcasting, all 5G terminals can receive digital TV without spending traffic and without network congestion.

He said that in the future, 5G terminals, no matter which operator you are from, can receive TV programs for free, and you don’t have to worry about it. After watching a ten-minute game, three operators ask you to charge, and this situation will not happen.

In September 2020, driven by the leading proposal of China Radio and Television, 3GPP made a conclusion on 5G broadcasting, clarifying that the R17 MBS service will support 5G NR broadcasting, laying the foundation for the final standardization of 5G broadcasting.

On September 28, China Radio and Television joined hands with Huawei to successfully demonstrate the first 5G NR broadcast service based on a 700MHz network in the Radio and Television 5G Lab.

It is reported that 5G broadcasting, which combines 5G technology with radio and television services, realizes the integration of 5G broadcasting and 5G communication network for the first time. Compared with traditional broadcasting technologies, 5G NR broadcasting has the characteristics of mobility, timeliness, and on-demand directional broadcasting.

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