Industrial-grade single-axis MEMS accelerometers

Industrial-grade single-axis MEMS accelerometers

Model 1521 is offered in eight standard ranges from ±2g to ±400g.

Each has a ±4V differential output and comes in a choice of 20pin LCC or J-lead surface mount packages, both of which are nitrogen gas-damped, hermetically sealed and RoHS compliant.

“The distinguishing feature of Model 1521 is its integration of a MEMS capacitive sense element with both an amplifier and internal temperature sensor,” according to the company. “The series is expressly designed for zero-to-medium frequency testing and instrumentation applications requiring low noise and long-term stability.”

Response is over zero (dc) to 2,000Hz and noise is typically 7μg/√Hz typical for the 2g full-scale part. A 5,000g shock can be survived with “zero signal degradation”, said the company.

Operation is typically from 5V (5mA) and can range over -55 to +125°C.

Model 1522 also comes in eight ranges from ±2g to ±400g, but is only available in a 20pin LCC package.

“Its distinguishing features are its low-noise, superior bias, and scale factor performance over -55°C to +125°C,” said Silicon Designs.

Each device is individually tested, programmed, calibrated and verified in a climate chamber.

Model 1531 are similar to Model 1521, but works at higher temperature – over -55 to +175°C. Seven ranges from ±5g to ±400g are available, in 20pin J-lead. Parts are climate chamber tested.

Silicon Designs is based near Seattle in Washington and makes its products on-site in an ISO9001:2015 certified facility.

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