Interconnects offer freedom of choice with three mating interfaces

Amphenol LTW’s ‘3-3-3 SPE’ are all created and produced according to IEEE 802.3bp standard giving three mechanical mating interfaces all IP67 up and above. The interconnects are available now from TTI Europe.

The devices provide users with the freedom to select the interconnects fitting to their needs and demands for industrial and ruggedised applications. The devices offer proprietary SPE interface integrated in M12 (screw threaded and push-pull); FLOS+ (push-pull); X-Lok (push-lock). They offer low power and simply networking on end-point sensors. They are cost-effective, smaller and lighter than standard four pairs Ethernet cable and compatible 802.3 10/100/1000 Base-T1 data rates as existing technologies.

Typical application areas include heavy equipment, agricultural electronic equipment, automotive diagnostics, camera and monitoring, communication system, renewable energy, railway mass transit, industrial automation, and automotive.

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