Latest convection and fan cooled modular series of power supplies

The Advanced Energy CoolX Family sets an industry standard for flexibility, reliability, and efficiency with PMBus digital and analog communications and control and comprehensive feature sets.

The latest edition, the CoolX3000 completes the CoolX family of configurable power supplies, which incorporates the CX600, CX1000 and CX1800 Series. The CoolX1000 and CoolX600 are both fanless, convection cooled power supplies, offering digital communications in the form of PMBus. The CoolX1800 and CooolX3000 are intelligent, fan-cooled, modular power supplies in the series. These models deliver an excellent 1800W and 3000W in a compact package.

Each power supply is offered in ITE 60950/62368, SEMI-F47 or Medical 60601 approved versions.

Typical applications include medical – medical diagnostics, lasers imaging and treatment equipment; life science systems, clinical chemistry, laboratory automation, industrial equipment, and communications.

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