Low-priced cameras offered in the industry's smallest standard format

The IDS (Imaging Development Systems) new XCP camera family of the uEye+ product series not only combines industrial quality and a favourable system price but also satisfies a gap in the market as the smallest camera with housing and C-mount. The models measure 29mm x 29mm x 17mm and have a totally closed zinc die-cast housing with a screwable USB Micro-B connector. Due to cost-optimised electronics and compatibility with common lenses, they are ideal for price-sensitive applications.

With the launch of the camera family, the company attests that cost-effective industrial cameras with C-mount can also be provided in the industry’s smallest standard format. They are targeted at customers who value budget-friendly, very compact, and lightweight camera models in industrial quality over exceptional camera features. They are employed, for example, as eyes in autonomously navigating vehicles in production, analysis tasks in the laboratory or for visual support of robots in the field of automation.

Initially, the cameras will go into series production with the 2.3MP global shutter sensor AR0234 and the 5MP rolling shutter sensor AR0521 from ON Semiconductor. Other sensors will follow. Due to USB3 and Vision Standard compatibility (U3V/GenICam), the cameras can be readily integrated into any image processing system. In principle, they can be employed with any suitable software but are especially easy to use with the modern software development kit IDS peak.

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