MediaTek’s new 5G chip debut: Redmi debut

Although the most powerful chip in the Android camp is the Snapdragon 888, unless there are problems with some tests on the Internet, it is well known that the power consumption is overturned, and people give it the nickname Fire Dragon 888, so many people think that Qualcomm The Snapdragon 870 released last night is here to put out the fire. As for whether it can save the factory, it depends on whether the follow-up test of the 870 is effective. At present, I really dare not jump to conclusions.

Coincidentally, it was only a day after the Snapdragon 870 was released, and MediaTek also launched its latest 5G chip, the Dimensity 1200. The two sides appear so close together, I am afraid it is not a coincidence. With the 6nm process, Dimensity 1200 is also defined as a sub-flagship chip. Judging from the current trend, its market prospect is very broad.

MediaTek’s new 5G chip debut: Redmi debut

Speaking of MediaTek, it really confirms that sentence: Thirty years in Hedong and 30 years in Hexi, all the manufacturers in those days looked down on it, as long as a small number of manufacturers would use MediaTek chips on their mid-to-low-end models, those who boldly used Mobile phones with MediaTek chips not only fail to sell at high prices, but are even ridiculed by netizens and refuse to buy. Who would have thought that MediaTek would usher in a complete turnaround in the 5G chip market.

Today, due to the special circumstances, MediaTek’s 5G chips are suddenly called the sweet buns in the market, especially the Chinese market has become the key to turning MediaTek’s turnaround, and Huawei, Xiaomi and other manufacturers are using them in large quantities, according to the latest data from statistical agencies. , MediaTek has surpassed HiSilicon to become the largest SoC provider for mobile phones in the Chinese market, while Qualcomm has fallen to the third place. It is no exaggeration to say that MediaTek has made a lot of money because of the Chinese market.

MediaTek’s new 5G chip debut: Redmi debut

Although this Dimensity 1200 is defined as a sub-flagship chip, its performance is not weak at all. First of all, it is guaranteed by the 6nm process. It is also based on the ARM architecture and has a maximum frequency of 3.0GHz. Of course, performance is one aspect, but it can be What everyone values ​​more is the ability of Dimensity 1200 to balance power consumption, which was also confirmed in Lu Weibing’s speech.

The boss claimed that in the relevant tests, the Dimensity 1200 performed very well in balancing performance and power consumption, and this kind of capable and more stable chip is what many mobile phone manufacturers want, as the so-called Qualcomm fell, MediaTek is full, and the good power consumption control ability alone is enough to make the Dimensity 1200 go crazy.

To be honest, MediaTek now also has a feeling of being a star and a moon. With the popularity of 5G, this year must be the year of MediaTek’s 5G chip explosion, and Qualcomm’s practice of taking a cut based on the price of mobile phones will definitely become more and more. Rejected by mobile phone manufacturers.

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