New products roundup: IP&E, optoelectronics, and power

Here is this week’s roundup of new products, including a one-wire ECDSA secure authenticator chip to help protect products from counterfeiting or misuse, and a range of interconnect, passive, and electromechanical (IP&E) devices. Listed in alphabetical order by company name, this week’s new products roundup also covers battery protectors, BLDC gate drivers, GaN FETs, LEDs, PFC and wet tantalum Capacitors, tactile switches, and wire-to-board connectors.

New products roundup: IP&E, optoelectronics, and power

Allegro MicroSystems’ A89332 and A89332-1 BLDC gate drivers. Click for a larger image. (Source: Allegro MicroSystems)

Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. has expanded its portfolio of Three-Phase sensorless BLDC gate drivers, delivering improved thermal efficiency for lower energy use and data-center costs. The new A89332 and A89332-1 offer new options that meet the requirements of cooling systems in today’s data centers. Available with integrated power loss brake (A89332) and AC-loss (A89332-1) features, these gate drivers enable small high-airflow fan designs to improve thermal efficiency. “When server fans malfunction or break, backflow causes them to go into reverse rotation, the other fans have to work harder to compensate for the resulting airflow, which increases power consumption,” said Allegro. A traditional solution to prevent the reverse rotation is adding external circuitry and components, which don’t fit into 1U fans, to function as the power loss brake, added the company. This adds software coding, in addition to the increased bill of materials and time to market. Allegro said the A89332’s integrated power loss brake (PLB) function stops the fans from spinning, with braking performance that is four times better than discrete implementations, eliminating unnecessary power consumption and increasing thermal efficiency. When combined with the A89332-1’s AC loss logic, the solution claims the industry’s smallest gate driver, in a 26-contact, 4 × 4-mm QFN package that is 36% smaller than comparable options. These packages are lead (Pb) free, with 100% matte-tin leadframe plating.

New products roundup: IP&E, optoelectronics, and power

ADI’s DS28E30 secure authenticator. Click for a larger image. (Source: Analog Devices Inc.)

Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) has released its DS28E30, a one-wire ECDSA secure authenticator to detect and help protect products from counterfeiting or misuse. The chip combines a fixed-function cryptographic toolbox based on the industry-standard FIPS 186 elliptic curve digital signature algorithm (ECDSA), secure storage of keys and application data, and a single-contact one-wire interface. Each part is factory programmed with an ADI public key certificate for guaranteed authenticity, said ADI. Key features include 3-Kb secure EEPROM for user memory, keys, and certificate; a wide operating voltage range of 1.62 V to 5.25 V, and an operating temperature range of -40°C to 85°C. The device is housed in a 1.2 × 1.4 mm WLP with a 0.5-mm pitch. The DS28E30 is available now and is priced at $0.66 each per 1,000.

New products roundup: IP&E, optoelectronics, and power

C&K’s KSC11 switches. Click for a larger image. (Source: C&K)

C&K has claimed that its KSC11 tactile switch series with a hard actuator offers the most cycles in the industry with up to three million actuation cycles, tripling the lifespan compared to the competition. With the hard actuator, the KSC11 series offers a high tactile ratio without sacrificing its lifetime, said C&K. The KSC11 tactile switches, measuring 6.2 × 6.2 mm, target high-end customizable products. These include industrial, aviation, audio-video consoles, drones, and gaming controllers. The switches offer multiple options for actuation force (1.6 N, 3.2 N, and 5 N), and a short travel of 0.2 to 0.4 mm for a crisp feeling and audible sound. The operating temperature range is -40°C to 85°C.

New products roundup: IP&E, optoelectronics, and power

CUI Devices’s tactile switches. Click for a larger image. (Source: CUI Devices)

CUI Devices’ Switches Group has added IP67-rated models to its line of tactile switches. Suited for applications subject to moisture and environmental contaminants, the TS03, TS05, TS08, and TS19 series feature compact footprints as small as 3 × 2 × 0.6 mm as well as lifecycle ratings up to 300,000 cycles. The IP67-rated tactile switches are housed in surface-mount or through-hole packages with gull-wing or long-crimped terminations. Key specs include 12-VDC rated voltages, 50-mA current ratings, and an operating temperature range from -30°C up to 85°C. Other features include SPST circuits, operating forces from 70 up to 260 gf, and actuator heights of 0.6, 4.3, 5, 7, 8, or 9.5 mm. The TS03, TS05, TS08, and TS19 series are available now with prices starting at $0.15 per unit in quantities of 1,000 pieces through distribution. Lead time is from stock to five weeks.

New products roundup: IP&E, optoelectronics, and power

EPC’s EPC2066 GaN FET. Click for a larger image. (Source: EPC)

Efficient Power Conversion Corporation (EPC) has expanded its selection of low voltage, off-the-shelf gallium nitride (GaN) transistors with the introduction of the EPC2066 (0.8 mΩ typical, 40 V) GaN FET. EPC calls the EPC2066 the smallest 40 V, 1.1 mΩ FET, with an ultra-small 13.9 mm2 footprint. The low losses and small size makes the device suited for the secondary side of high-power-density DC/DC converters for servers and artificial intelligence. It also can be used for the secondary side synchronous rectification to 12 V in power-supply and silver-box data-center servers, and for high-density motor-drive applications from 24 V – 32 V. The EPC2066 is footprint compatible with EPC’s Generation 4 product, the EPC2024. The Generation 5 improvement in area × RDS(on) gives the EPC2066 a 27% reduction in on-resistance in the same area, said EPC. The EPC9174 reference design board, a 1.2-kW, 48-V input to 12-V output LLC converter, features the EPC2071 for the primary side full bridge and the EPC2066 on the secondary side. The EPC2066 eGaN FET is priced at $3.75 each at 1K units/reel. The EPC9174 development board is priced at $780 each. The EPC2066 and EPC9174 demonstration board are available from Digi-Key.

New products roundup: IP&E, optoelectronics, and power

Hirose’s KW30 series connectors. Click for a larger image. (Source: Hirose)

Hirose Electric USA has extended its SignalBee wire-to-board connector product family with the launch of an ultra-reliable 1-mm-pitch version. Key specs include a current rating up to 3.0 A, a voltage rating of 100 VAC/DC, and an operating temperature range of -55°C to 105°C. Available in two to eight positions, the KW30 series of miniature single-row connectors offers enhanced reliability via a two-point contact design with crimp contact deflection prevention. It also features a rib design that is said to provide a secure fit when mating the plug and receptacle, delivering high vibration resistance, and a center lock that prevents incomplete mating, mis-insertion, and lock damage. The KW30 Series is available in several variations including straight or right-angle interfaces, gold plating, and 28, 30 or 32 AWG. Applications include home appliances/white goods, medical devices, office equipment, industrial robots, FA controllers, and servo motors.

New products roundup: IP&E, optoelectronics, and power

Littelfuse’s ITV4030 battery protectors. Click for a larger image. (Source: Littelfuse)

Littelfuse, Inc. has launched its ITV4030 battery protectors that provide a fast response to prevent overcurrent and overcharging damage. The series of 22-amp, three-terminal, surface-mountable Li-ion battery protectors target electronics applications, including tablets, robotic appliances, and power tools. These 4.0 x 3.0-mm devices protect battery packs against overcurrent and overcharging (overvoltage) conditions. The design uses an embedded fuse and heater elements that provide a fast response to interrupt the charging or discharging circuit before the battery pack becomes overcharged or overheated, said Littelfuse. They are certified to UL and TUV and are halogen-free and RoHS compliant. The ITV4030 is available in tape and reel in quantities of 5,000.

New products roundup: IP&E, optoelectronics, and power

Lumileds’ LUXEON 3030 LEDs. Click for a larger image. (Source: Lumileds)

Lumileds has increased the performance level of its its horticulture and illumination mid-power 3030 LEDs by 2% for typical flux, PPF, and efficacy, resulting in lower energy use and costs for luminaires used in greenhouses or vertical farms. Comprised of 21 new parts, the new LUXEON SunPlus 3030 (previously called LUXEON 3030 Horticulture) and LUXEON 3030 HE Plus have CCTs of 2200K to 6500K and CRIs of 70, 80, and 90. The LUXEON SunPlus 3030 is specified for PPF and PPE for horticulture while the LUXEON 3030 HE Plus is specified in flux and efficacy for illumination. Lumileds claims both 3030 white LED portfolios outperform competitors in tests for wet high temperature operating life (WHTOL) and hydrogen sulfide (H2S). LUXEON 3030 LEDs pass 85°/85% relative humidity testing at 30 minutes on/30 minutes off at 480 mA for 1000 hours. Other testing shows color shift, measured as DuV, to be less than half of competitors, reported Lumileds. The LUXEON SunPlus 3030 and LUXEON 3030 HE Plus are available through Lumileds’ distribution network and are part of the Zero Worry Lead Time program from Future Lighting Solutions.

New products roundup: IP&E, optoelectronics, and power

TDK’s PhaseCap Energy Plus PFC capacitors. Click for a larger image. (Source: TDK Corp.)

TDK Corp. has launched PhaseCap Energy Plus, two new series of EPCOS PFC capacitors. The gas-impregnated B25674C* series covers a voltage range from 230 VAC to 690 VAC and offers compensation ratings from 5 kvar to 33.1 kvar, depending on the type. The B25675C* series capacitors, which are impregnated with a biodegradable resin, are rated for voltages from 230 VAC to 1000 VAC, with compensation ratings of up to 60 kvar. The PFC capacitors offer a lifetime of up to 240,000 hours in temperature class -40/D, class IP20 touch-proof terminals, and pre-mounted ceramic-based discharge resistors. They offer up to 15,000 switching operations per year, twice that of the previous products. Thanks to a robust winding design with wave-cutting technology, the self-healing capacitors can be subjected to inrush currents equivalent to 500 times the rated current. “In the event of an overload, all three phases are disconnected from the mains via an internal overpressure disconnector,” said TDK. They are CE and UL certified. Applications include automatic PFC systems, capacitor banks, individual and group compensation, fixed and switched compensation systems, and dynamic PFC systems.

New products roundup: IP&E, optoelectronics, and power

Vishay’s EP2 wet tantalum capacitor. Click for a larger image. (Source: Vishay Intertechnology)

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. has introduced a new high-energy wet tantalum capacitor for military and avionics systems. The company said it delivers the industry’s highest capacitance per voltage rating and case size for this device type. The EP2 capacitors, built on Vishay’s SuperTan technology, offers ultra-high capacitance from 2,700 µF to 48,000 µF in the B case code and 3,600 µF to 72,000 µF in the C case code. Voltage ratings range from 25 VDC to 125 VDC. The EP2’s industry-leading values include a capacitance of 9,000 µF at 80 V and 58,000 µF at 35 V in the C case size. Vishay said these values are 50% and 21% greater, respectively, than the closest competing device. The standard capacitance tolerance is ±20%, with ± 10% tolerance available. The capacitor also features high vibration (high frequency: 20 g; random: 19.64 g) and mechanical shock (50 g) capabilities. The operating temperature range is -55°C to 85°C, and to 125°C with voltage derating, and provides maximum equivalent series resistance (ESR) down to 0.017 Ω at 1 kHz and 25°C. “Available with radial through-hole terminations with a stud-mount option in the B and C case codes, the EP2 can be used as an exact drop-in replacement for competing parts or as a higher capacitance alternative in a mechanically-equivalent package to reduce component counts, save space, and lower design costs,” said Vishay. Samples and production quantities are available. Pricing for U.S. delivery starts at $750 per piece.

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