New range of E-band high power amplifiers for long-range telecoms links

Filtronic plc now offers the availability of the extended Cerus range of high-power E-band amplifiers developed for long-range commercial or defence telecommunications applications, including LEO and HAPS.

The high-power range is now offered in one-, four- and eight-way amplifier versions. All the amplifiers combine its GaAs HEMT PA MMICs, which are matched in performance and power-combined in waveguide to maximise power output. The four- and eight-way models provide an integral temperature sensor with an analogue output for precise monitoring of thermal characteristics, together with the option of control circuitry for functions, including gain control, mute control and alarms.

The amplifiers function in the band 71-76GHz and 81-86GHz and provide excellent saturated power output levels up to +36dBm or higher, and 1dB gain compression point at +31dBm. The transmit power control range is 10dB, and small-signal gain is typically 24dB.

With a typical output third order intermodulation product of +39.5dBm at +29dBm output power, the high linearity of the amplifiers allows them to support 256QAM modulation for high-capacity transmission.

Measuring only 40mm x 40mm x 47mm and weighing only 160g, their low SWAP (size, weight and power) makes them excellent for airborne and HAPS applications.

Input and output connection is through WR12 waveguide, and DC connection is via a multi-pin connector.

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