Nokia 5G speed breaks world record? Internet speed can reach 4.7Gbps

It is reported that when it comes to 5G network equipment, Nokia has been one of the main suppliers, and Nokia announced that they recently reached a world record for 5G network speed, reaching a speed of 4.7Gbps through its own commercial 5G software and hardware.

According to Nokia’s announcement, they used 800MHz 5G spectrum and dual link (EN-DC) function in Dallas, Texas to achieve a network speed of 4.7Gbps, which is currently the fastest 5G network speed in the world.

And these equipment for testing 5G networks will also be used by telecom operators in the United States, which will not only provide users with faster mobile broadband network speeds, but also allow telecom operators to provide more delay-sensitive services. For example, some urgent task applications, etc.

The record breakthrough consists of eight 100MHz bandwidths using the 28GHz and 39GHz mmWave spectrum bands, combined to 800MHz bandwidth, and utilizing Nokia’s AirScale solution to provide 40MHz of LTE spectrum with EN-DC link technology.

Allowing devices to connect to both 5G and LTE networks to transmit and receive signals also means that these devices can provide higher throughput when only linked to 5G or LTE.

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