ON Semiconductor’s online live broadcast explains how to meet increasingly stringent power efficiency requirements

Onsemi (Nasdaq: ON), a leader in smart power and IntelliSense technology, is hosting a series of live power supplies that will allow them to talk with power experts on some of the most pressing power efficiency requirements facing engineers today and discuss design requirements.

This series of Mandarin live broadcasts will be held every Friday in November, including different in-depth power technology and practical topics, discussing the advantages and pain points of different solutions in practical applications, with the purpose of assisting engineers to optimize power supply energy efficiency and system performance to meet the increasing demands of Strict energy efficiency requirements.

Each live stream has one or two topics, allowing power supply engineers to choose the one most relevant to their design needs:

November 5: Physically-Based, Scalable SPICE Modeling for Modern Power Electronics; Using Physically-Scalable Simulation Models to Evaluate Parameters and Application Results

These two lectures will present new physical and scalable SPICE models for power Electronic semiconductors, including wide-bandgap devices, and use an advanced SPICE modeling approach to Direct contact for design optimization.

November 12: Control loop design and easy verification methods; analysis, simulation and experiments pave the way for success

This live broadcast will discuss two topics. In the design of switching power supplies, loop control is an essential part, and the first lecture will introduce a simple method for measuring and optimizing the control loop of a switching system. Lecture 2 will introduce some of the tools currently available that allow engineers to calculate, simulate and measure prototypes before starting production.

November 19: Introducing LLC Resonant Converters; Implementing Synchronous Rectification

The first live session will explore LLC topologies for mid to high power resonant mode converter power supplies, providing high energy efficiency and high power density for mass-produced electronic devices. Lecture 2 will provide an overview of all the phenomena involved in synchronous rectification and detail the different waveforms for each technology application used in synchronous rectification controllers.

November 26: Three-Phase Power Factor Correction (PFC) for 10 kW Industrial and Automotive Applications

This livestream will cover the practical aspects of hardware and software for three-phase PFC converters for high power industrial and automotive applications.

About Onsemi

ON semiconductor (Nasdaq: ON) is driving disruptive innovation to help build a better future. Focused on the automotive and industrial end markets, the company is accelerating changes driving megatrends, including the electrification of automotive functions and safety, sustainable energy grids, industrial automation, and 5G and cloud infrastructure. With a highly differentiated portfolio of innovative products, ON Semiconductor creates smart power and sensing technologies to solve the world’s most complex challenges and lead the way in creating a safer, cleaner and smarter world. To learn more, please visit:


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