OPEN MIND expands the functionality in the High Performance Machining module

Weissling, Germany, September 10, 2019 – OPEN MIND Technologies AG presents the hyperMILL® MAXX Machining high-performance kit, a powerful tool for high-performance drilling, roughing and finishing. Modules in hyperMILL® feature special machining strategies that allow users to maximize the potential of machining centers and tools. This high-performance package adds two key improvements: Perfect Pocketing technology ensures more efficient pocketing with high-feed tools. High-performance finishing and roughing strategies are also available for turning.

OPEN MIND features a new high-performance turning/roughing mode. This is achieved by applying the proven trochoidal milling concept to turning. Optimized connection paths and smooth machine movements ensure high-performance machining. Users will be able to take advantage of this special undercut behavior of the insert in the material, thereby increasing process reliability and reducing machining time.

At the same time, when it comes to finishing, OPEN MIND offers innovative strategies to make better use of special rollFEED inserts. The large radius of the insert saves a lot of time for finishing turning.

The functional range of the barrel cutter is expanded

Another new feature is the “5-axis Prismatic Fillet Finishing” strategy, which complements the innovative strategy for efficient machining of flat and continuous surfaces. This strategy utilizes the high-feed tool principle to combine barrel cutters with plunge milling and broaching. The calculation of the optimal inclination of the barrel cutter is fully automated. In particular this enables high-quality transitions between the different wall regions. This strategy is the perfect complement to machining deep cavities with barrel cutters.

Multi-surface machining

Multi-surface 5-axis machining with a tapered barrel cutter can machine an entire surface in one job. Toolpaths can be generated completely automatically using surface selection; thus eliminating the time-consuming step of creating cutting profiles in CAD beforehand. As a result, both for free-form surfaces and for flat surfaces, it is easy to program and produce high-quality surfaces quickly.

Machining cavities faster

To guarantee maximum speed and efficiency, hyperMILL® MAXX Machining also offers perfect pocketing technology for roughing. Smart algorithms allow the roughing area to accommodate the largest pockets and automatically generate linear toolpaths for high-feed milling. The link between linear and contour-parallel toolpaths is optimized to guarantee fast production. Special retraction motion reduces residual material in inner corners.

Multipurpose barrel knife

hyperMILL® supports a variety of barrel knives, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. For example, the use of barrel knives during the production of impellers or blisks can save a lot of time.

Barrel cutters can also be used efficiently in 3-axis machining if the milling cutter taper is aligned with the wall inclination. All machining is always carried out efficiently to the highest level of quality while ensuring collision-free.

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