PCB power relay targets pre-charge circuits in EVs and more

The Omron G2RG-X, available now from TTI Europe, is a highly compact 500VDC power Relay targeted at the pre-charge circuits in EV chargers, battery backup systems for solar panels and other high current DC applications.

It provides a 500VDC, 10A switching capacity in a compact body measuring 13.5mm x 29mm x 26.5mm. The outstanding performance in a small component is due to the company’s arc control structure and a 3mm contact gap. Additional features comprise a high level of isolation, with an insulation distance of over 8mm and an impulse withstand voltage of 10kV between coil and contacts.

With a high switching capacity and high isolation, the relay is excellent for inrush current control in energy storage systems, servos, inverters, power supplies and UPS.

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