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Sino Mould is a very professional plastic chair mould making company in China. We have accumulated much experience in making chair mould and became a famous plastic chair molds maker. We are the biggest chair molds making company.


For the shape, we offer arm chair, armless chair, baby chair, notional chair, non-leg chair, steel-leg chair, backrest chair seat……..
For the function: we offer home chair, office chair, public chair, garden chair, beach chair……

Chair mould information
Material: PP, PP+20 %( 25%) Caco3 PC, PA, PA+GF
Chair Weight: 1700-4000g 650-900g
Injection Way: edge gate, direct cone, hot runner
Ejection Way: ejector pin
Appropriate Steel: SC45 P20 DIN1.2311 or better
Cycle time: armchair 55-60s    Armless chair 45-50s
Producing period: 65days for T1 mould testing, 15-20days for modification.

Mould key points
1.parting line
2.surface finish & shrink mark control
3.air-venting & eject white
5.weight control

Sino is a famous plastic chair molds maker.  And if you have any idea about the chair you want to make, we also can design the mould as your request. So if you want to establish relationship with professional chair maker. Please feel free to contact me.

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