Pliops launches extreme data processor

Pliops launches extreme data processor

Pliops launches extreme data processor

The data solutions company, Pliops, has announced the launch of its Extreme Data Processor (XDP).

The processor has been designed to simplify how data is processed and stored and is claimed to exponentially increase performance, reliability, capacity, and efficiency – multiplying the effectiveness of data centre infrastructure investments. According to Pliops it provide new levels of processing power and storage scalability for relational, NoSQL and in-memory databases, analytics, AI/ML, 5G, IoT, and other data-intensive applications and platforms.

The company says that the XDP is able to eliminate major redundancies and significantly accelerates performance, enabling data centre infrastructures to scale more efficiently. The processor combines multiple fundamental data and storage technologies into one device, multiplying their benefits.

Commenting Uri Beitler, Pliops founder and CEO said, “The data needs of today and tomorrow are not compatible with the data centre architecture of yesterday. As data grows exponentially, our ability to handle the data must grow too. What’s needed is a revolutionary data processor – one that doesn’t take a revolution to deploy at scale. That’s exactly what we have delivered with the XDP: a solution with the capacity to solve the data challenges of today and tomorrow and sustain the momentum of data-powered innovation.”

The XDP is intended to help expand the potential of existing architectures and allow infrastructure architects, product managers and executives to scale for adoption of modern applications – leveraging the infrastructure they already have. With chip shortages looming, getting the most out of existing infrastructures becomes even more important, said Beiter.

Key Benefits

  • Performance: Eliminates bottlenecks, latency and server sprawl that cost time, resources and business opportunities. Delivers performance gains up to 10X higher for databases, analytics, AI/ML, and more.
  • Reliability: Drive Fail Protection enables users to maintain constant data availability and deliver on stringent SLAs, with no hit to performance.
  • Capacity: In-line compression and other data-management technologies provide up to 6X space savings.
  • Efficiency: Easy to deploy, single solution for every workload, optimizing data center infrastructure footprints and slashing costs.

The XDP features drive fail-protected performance of up to 3.2 million random read IOPs and 1.2 million random write IOPs, and the ability to store capacities of up to 128TB of protected data on 64TB of SSDs.

In addition, the processor supports full atomic writes enabling more efficient database operation.

Pliops XDP supports all data centre SSDs and is delivered on an easy-to-deploy, low-profile PCIe card. Installation is plug-and-play using a standard block interface requiring no application changes or a native KV interface for optimal performance.

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