Radio module and test option for the IoT network protocol

Würth Elektronik has launched Thetis-I, a ready-to-use radio module for Wirepas mesh networks. It is the ideal solution for IoT device manufacturers. Networks with technology from Wirepas are self-healing and freely scalable. Each device with this radio module can also serve as a router which indicates no further infrastructure is needed for mesh communication. The company providers developers the Thetis-I Evaluation Kit. It comprises an evaluation board, a USB radio stick, and three sensor nodes. Due to the tailored Wirepas Commander software, this kit can be operated and configured directly through a PC.

The module is based on the Nordic nRF52840 chipset and the proven proprietary 2.4GHz radio module. The radio module, optimised for Wirepas networks, is remarkably energy-saving and provides the choice between low-energy and low-latency modes. The module, measuring only 8mm x 12mm x 2mm, can be configured remotely utilising the freely available Wirepas Commander software. It supports authentication and encryption, stand-alone or host-controlled operation. The extensive range of potential applications can be tested employing the kit. Wirepas technology facilitates easy connection to well-known cloud platforms. The slim evaluation board enables a Controller board to be connected for developing applications. A battery-powered sensor board provided with the versatile WSEN-PADS pressure sensor and the WSEN-HIDS humidity sensor easily gives an application example for a mesh network.

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