Reversal, ARM and Hopu Joint Statement: Removal of Wu Xiongang

ARM personnel changes have caused huge shocks in the industry.

According to sources, Wu Xiongang, executive chairman and CEO of Arm China, has been removed from office. At noon on June 10, Arm China’s official Weibo issued a statement saying, “Amou Technology (China) Co., Ltd. (“Amou China”), as an independent legal person legally registered in China, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, Mr. Wu Xiongang continues to Fulfilling the duties of chairman and CEO. Arm China is currently operating normally, and its support and services to Chinese customers and industrial partners are as always.”

Reversal, ARM and Hopu Joint Statement: Removal of Wu Xiongang

(Information from Arm China’s official Weibo)

However, on the afternoon of June 10, ARM sent a statement to OFweek Electronic Engineering Network to report that, based on complaints from whistleblowers and several current and former employees, it was found through investigation that the behavior of American citizen Wu Xiongang had endangered the development and development of Arm China. The interests of the company’s shareholders and stakeholders.

ARM and Hopu Investment recently jointly decided on the board of directors of Arm China that the decision to remove Mr. Wu Xiongang as chairman and CEO is in Arm China’s best interests.

The original statement reads as follows:

(Arm press release)

In just a few hours, Arm China’s “coaching change” has repeatedly reversed. What is the specific reason? OFweek Electronic Engineering Network will continue to follow up reports.

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