SµRF takes RF and mmWave into GHz domain

SµRF takes RF and mmWave into GHz domain

Moving to GHz frequencies is the only way to deliver wider pipelines.

The SµRF ‘Semiconductor Microwave RF’ range seeks to democratise mmWave design, with easy-to-use unique solutions in standard IC packaging.

Through the SµRF product family, engineers will have access to products that are easy to design with, easy to evaluate and easy to manufacture. SµRF products will accelerate new mmWave and GHz product design, simplify manufacturing and enable high-frequency solutions for everyone.

Applications, such as virtual and augmented reality, high-definition imaging, high-performance computing and even the connected car, all need higher bandwidth.

Delivering high bandwidth to small and portable devices over wireless interfaces requires excellence in RF design. The SµRF range lowers the design barrier to GHz excellence by harnessing CML’s expertise in off-the-shelf integrated solutions.

CML is using its expertise in advanced ic design to develop the SµRF range, providing continuity from the sub-GHz frequencies up to 100 GHz and potentially beyond.

This wide frequency spectrum will address the majority of new and existing applications. It will service the IoT, from long-range data links and the smart grid, to emerging applications in 5G, such as pico-cells and fixed-line broadband, as well as global broadband networks and satellite communications.

The products will be supported by simple to use, low-cost evaluation tools, allowing engineers to quickly explore the benefits they bring. To learn more, visit (https://surf.cmlmicro.com/)

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