The core of the data center – Freescale communication processing technology, helping users “take the lead”

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For Chinese netizens, the most anticipated festivals may no longer be limited to the Spring Festival and National Day, but so-called festivals such as “Double Eleven” and “Double Twelve”. Hundreds of billions of yuan in online shopping transactions. Tmall alone, on November 11, 2013, Tmall’s online shopping turnover reached 35.019 billion yuan, an increase of 83% over last year’s “Double Eleven” turnover. And Alipay successfully made 188 million payments, with a maximum of 790,000 payments per minute. The rapid development of B2C has also brought pressure to the IT systems of banking institutions and e-commerce websites, prompting them to speed up the construction and upgrading of data centers.

This is just a microcosm of the role data centers play in the IoT era. The continuous development of connected devices and cloud services has led to a dramatic increase in both the number and size of data centers around the world. Most of today’s data centers are dominated by high-cost, high-energy-consuming servers. The market has never needed a technology that can reduce carbon emissions while drastically reducing total cost of ownership (TCO). Freescale, together with various partners and standardization organizations, is designing some of the most cost-effective, lowest power consumption, and more secure product solutions to meet the challenges facing data centers. Specifically, data center applications mainly include: 64-bit servers, intelligent network adapters (iNICs), application delivery controllers (ADCs), storage area networks (SANs), and converged network adapters (CANs), as shown in Figure 1. Freescale has a lot of chips and software that can be used in data centers and network equipment. Here, we especially recommend QorIQ T series T4240/T4160 24/16 virtual core communication processors and C29x series encryption coprocessors.

The core of the data center – Freescale communication processing technology, helping users “take the lead”

Figure 1 Freescale’s layout in data center and network equipment applications

QorIQ T4240Multicore Communication Processor

Freescale’s flagship T4240 has 12 physical cores and supports 24 virtual cores, and the T4160 has 8 physical cores and supports 16 virtual cores. Operating at frequencies up to 1.8 GHz, both products offer large cache memory, hardware acceleration, and advanced system peripherals for applications that wish to combine control and data plane processing in a single SoC.

The main features of the T4240 core are: 12 dual-threaded e6500 cores; 4 e6500s form a cluster and share a 2 MB L2 cache; run at up to 1.8 GHz at 1.0 V with 64-bit ISA support; user, superuser and hypervisor 3 levels of instructions; 1.5 MB CoreNet platform cache. T4240 accelerator and memory control features: 64-bit DDR3 and DDR3L SDRAM memory Controller with ECC support, operating frequency up to 1 866 MT/s; hardware-based encryption acceleration (SEC5.0), up to 40 Gb/s; Data compression/decompression engine (DCE1.0), up to 20 Gb/s; pattern matching engine (PME2.0), up to 10 Gb/s.

As the high-end flagship product of Freescale communication processors, the T4240 certainly has the most powerful network unit. SerDes: 32 lanes up to 10 GHz; Ethernet: up to 4 10GE ports on XAUI, XFI, 10Gbase-KR and HiGig, SGMII, QSGMII and RGMII support up to 16 1GE ports, packet parsing, classification and distribution ( up to 50 Gb/s), Data Center Bridging; Interlaken-LA; 4 PCIe, 2 on Gen2, 2 on Gen3; 2 Serial RapidIO; 2 Serial ATA (SATA2.0) controllers; Three 8-channel DMA engines; Aurora high-performance debug port.

The core of the data center – Freescale communication processing technology, helping users “take the lead”

Figure 2 T4240 internal architecture diagram

C29xFamily of Cryptographic Coprocessors

With the double-digit surge in cybercrime rates, many companies, such as Google, have adopted secure web pages as a means of protecting users and companies. It is clear that there is a surge in secure network traffic, especially when transferring bank and credit card transaction information during online transactions. When the number of secure transactions increases to hundreds or thousands per second, the software can no longer complete it because the public key handshake is required to perform SSL or IPsec transactions, which creates a network traffic bottleneck.

Freescale launched the C29x series of cryptographic coprocessors to provide data center and network security devices with a solution for sharing public key processing transactions, which can handle thousands of transactions per second after expansion. This scalable solution consists of three coprocessors, C291, C292 and C293, providing secure network equipment with processing capabilities of 8,000 and 32,000 2,048-bit RSA transactions per second while consuming only 4 W~10 W. Because the C29x family of devices offloads transactions over the PCIe bus, they can be used with QorIQ communications processors such as the T4240 or other host processors on the market.

Example: Application Delivery Controller

The Application Delivery Controller (ADC) is the middle layer of the network between the application server and the external interface of the data center. ADC enables HTTP termination, secure socket processing, deep packet inspection DPI threat management, compression, caching, application offloading, load balancing and traffic shaping across servers to optimize server efficiency. With the QorIQ T4240 processor, coupled with the C29x family of cryptographic coprocessors, Freescale offers the ADC market a cost-effective, low-power solution.

Figure 3 Block diagram of application delivery controller module

The data center makes the network “unblocked immediately”

Coinciding with the traditional Chinese Spring Festival, it is the peak of buying train tickets again. The train ticketing network 12306 website has a maximum of 14.4 billion hits in a single day, which is equivalent to 10 hits per person in the whole country. It is considered a wonder in the world. The server caused huge pressure, so many users were unable to log in, and the 12306 website once again became the target of public criticism. There are many optimized solutions, and data center upgrades are definitely the focus. It is understood that the maximum bandwidth of the data center of the 12306 website is only about 40 Gb/s. To handle massive access, at least 100 10 Gigabit servers can work at the same time. Now the data center of the 12306 website cannot meet the hardware requirements. With 24 virtual cores, the QorIQ T4240 runs at up to 1.8 GHz, offers high-capacity cache, hardware acceleration, and more, and has achieved the highest CoreMark benchmark performance-per-watt configuration and overall performance score ever in the embedded processor space , it can be used in data center applications such as the 12306 website, so that the network may not be blocked immediately.

The future construction of intelligent data centers for banks and e-commerce websites may have the following characteristics: First, it is service-oriented, that is, it has a high degree of automation and dynamic resource architecture. Through virtualization, automation and other technologies, it can realize rapid response to resource adjustment and respond to business operations. Rapid development and business peaks. The second is intelligent processing, including the ability to make judgments and make behaviors. If the data center construction cannot meet the demand, then when centralized transactions such as “Double Eleven” and “Spring Festival Online Train Ticket Purchases” occur, it is very likely that there will be congestion and paralysis.

Using Freescale’s QorIQ T series virtual core communication processors, C29x series encryption coprocessors, and a series of high-quality network solutions such as VortiQa network software will make data centers perform faster, more secure, and more energy-efficient. In order to help enterprises and users “take the lead” in their respective fields, they can timely grasp the opportunities brought by the Internet of Things and fully experience the convenient life brought by the Internet of Things.

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