The mystery of the domestic Tesla chip incident, which chip did you get when you picked up the car now?

On March 3rd, half a month ago, some owners who mentioned the domestic version of Tesla Model 3 said that the car they got had been replaced with a battery from Nanjing LG Chem. There may be some differences. At that time, there were many strategies to distinguish the battery model on Weibo, and the owner who had not picked up the car joked that buying a car was like scratching a lottery ticket.

Unexpectedly, another car owner said that the new car he mentioned was actually equipped with an HW2.5 chip, which did not match the model on Tesla’s environmental protection information on-board list.

You must know that last year, Tesla said that future new cars will be equipped with HW3.0 chips, so the use of old chips in the domestic version is completely unexpected.

1. A review of the Tesla chip incident

It all starts with two strings of numbers, 1483112 and 1462554. Some car owners checked their Tesla after picking up the car and found that the Controller hardware code used by their car was 1483112 (representing Autopilot Hardware 2.5), and the Tesla environmental information on the car list clearly marked this one. The code of the controller model used in the car is 1462554 (representing Autopilot Hardware 3.0), which means that the domestic Tesla Model 3 I mentioned uses HW2.5 hardware, not the latest HW3.0 on the car list. chip.

What does this mean? One is that the on-board list does not match the hardware equipped with the actual vehicle, and the other is that the currently delivered models are also equipped with HW2.5 chips. Musk has previously said in public that all models delivered from April 2019 will be equipped with HW 3.0 chip hardware.

According to the latest news, it is suspected that the domestic version of Tesla Model 3 has been stopped nationwide due to the impact of this incident. Tesla officials said that a related event statement will be released later.

2. What is the difference between HW2.5 and HW3.0

For car owners and fans familiar with Tesla, the difference between the two needs to be said. But for the onlookers, there are still some who do not understand what happened. Then we also briefly review the difference between HW2.5 and HW3.0. Based on the current point of view, firstly, in terms of energy consumption, the peak power of HW 2.5 is 57W, and that of HW3.0 is 72W; secondly, in terms of cost, the cost of HW3.0 is lower than that of HW2.5, of course, it lies in the core technology. , the reserve of HW 3.0 is definitely higher than that of HW2.5. For example, in the scenario of identifying and displaying ice cream cones, only HW3.0 can be completed, and in the next process of realizing Tesla’s fully automatic driving, it will play an important role. The traffic light recognition of the character is also only capable of HW3.0.

Four major differences between the two chips: 1. HW 3.0 hardware computing power performance is 21 times higher than the current HW 2.5 platform 2, HW 3.0 hardware price is only 80% of HW 2.5 3, HW 3.0 hardware power consumption is slightly higher than HW2.5 (25%) 4. Model 3 with HW 2.5 chip will upgrade HW 3.0 hardware after purchasing FSD.

3. Which chip did you get when you picked up the car now?

From the actual situation, not all Tesla models are currently equipped with HW3.0 hardware, and Tesla is not as comprehensive as HW3.0 as stated at the press conference. According to the existing information, domestic Tesla models with optional FSD are equipped with HW3.0, and if FSD is not installed, it is uncertain whether it is HW3.0.

Then why was HW3.0 not fully integrated as planned? After all, the cost of HW3.0 is only 80% of that of HW2.5, and the performance is better. Moreover, the HW3.0 itself is produced in China, and there will be no tariff and shipping issues. It is a logical thing for domestic Teslas to use the HW3.0. This time, the domestic Tesla still has the problem of mixing HW3.0 and HW2.5, which is really confusing.

4. Is it necessary to be HW3.0?

It needs to be clear that the first domestic Model 3 was equipped with the HW2.5 chip when it came in. And Tesla HW 2.5 and 3.0 chips are actually no different from the current standard AP function level, the difference lies in the subsequent optional FSD. It is true that if consumers do not buy FSD, there is no difference between HW2.5 and HW3.0, or even HW2.0. But it does not rule out the possibility that the AP will upgrade some functions that cannot be achieved by 2.5 computing power in the future, but it is the same for now, whether it will be the same in the future should be a false proposition. It is worth mentioning that if consumers want to choose FSD, Musk previously promised to provide HW2.5 upgrade HW3.0 service for free.

When considering buying a domestic version of Model 3, for a new car, everyone is definitely reluctant to make an extra trip to the after-sales service. One is to delay the time, and the other new car has to replace the hardware. It is always uncomfortable.

At present, Tesla has not given a formal response. As a new car manufacturer focusing on technology, Tesla should not have such a hardware storm. Next, we will see if there is a good solution. After all, the domestic version of Tesla Model 3 has not been delivered in large quantities, and it is not too late to remedy the situation.

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