Tri-Edge PAM4 receiver enters production

Semtech Corp. has announced initial production of its new low power GN2559S Tri-Edge CDR receiver solution for next-generation data-center short-reach (SR) and long-reach (LR) optical links. The Tri-Edge 50G PAM4 receiver with quad PAM4 CDRs and integrated linear transimpedance amplifiers (TIAs) provides ultra-low-power and low latency receiver performance, which makes it suited for high-performance computing (HPC), artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud data center networks.

Tri-Edge PAM4 receiver enters productionThe Tri-Edge GN2559S receiver, builds on the Tri-Edge PAM4 SR CDR chipset, offering greater power saving and enhanced receiver performance, said the company.

The GN2559S Tri-Edge CDR receiver targets both LR and SR optical links in 200G and 400G data centers. Key features include low latency thanks to the Tri-Edge signal integrity platform, and a 400-mW power reduction from the previous generation receiver. It is compliant to the IEEE 802.3bs/802.3cd and 200G-SR4/FR4 Open Eye MSA specification.

The Tri-Edge CDR portfolio includes the following devices:

  • GN2559S: PAM4 4x56G CDR + TIA
  • GN2558: PAM4 4x56G CDR + VCSEL driver
  • GN2559: PAM4 4x56G CDR + TIA
  • GN2538: PAM4 2x56G CDR + VCSEL driver
  • GN2539: PAM4 2x56G CDR + TIA
  • GN2555: Quad PAM4 4x56G CDR + DML driver
  • GN2556: Quad PAM4 4x56G CDR + EML driver

The GN2555 and GN2556 ICs can be paired with the GN2559S receiver for a complete 200G FR4/LR4 solution. The company also will offer reference design kits (RDK) for SR and LR applications.

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