What have technology companies done to solve the mask problem?

An epidemic has caused many people to have no idea that masks have become “hard currency” in 2020.

In the face of the development of the new coronavirus epidemic, Wang Jiangping, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said in an interview with CCTV reporters on February 4 that the production capacity of masks in my country is about 20 million per day, of which the production capacity of medical surgical masks is 2.2 million, and the production capacity of medical masks is 2.2 million. The N95’s capacity is about 600,000. Therefore, the outside world is called on to reserve this part of resources for medical staff.

What have technology companies done to solve the mask problem?

However, as a country with a large population, even if the production capacity of masks is 20 million per day, in the face of the huge domestic population, the current measures are still a drop in the bucket.

In this tense situation, in order to encourage the production of more masks, the National Development and Reform Commission even stated that the government will purchase and store the surplus output after the epidemic as long as it meets the standards.

The author has learned that from January 1st to February 7th, 2020, more than 3,000 enterprises across the country have added “masks, protective clothing, disinfectants, thermometers, medical equipment” and other businesses. , including the technology companies that we are familiar with.

01. Foxconn: It can assemble iPhones and make masks.

What have technology companies done to solve the mask problem?

In most people’s impressions, Foxconn has always been recognized as the main processing factory of iPhones by the outside world, mainly responsible for assembling technology products such as mobile phones and tablet computers. It is difficult to imagine that such a technology company will have an association with masks. However, it is such a company that actively responded to social needs and started a mask-making plan when there was a shortage of mask resources.

According to Foxconn’s official Weibo report, while Foxconn is using its global layout advantages to purchase and reserve anti-epidemic materials, the group’s industrial Fulian has recently introduced a mask production line in the group’s Longhua Park for the first time, and successfully achieved trial production on February 5. The relevant production capacity is expected to reach 2 million per day by the end of February.

According to Foxconn’s official Weibo account, Foxconn plans to produce 2 million masks per day by the end of February, and this is the first time Foxconn has crossed the field of medical devices after making cars and deploying smart agriculture, and has its own mask production line at the same time. .


What have technology companies done to solve the mask problem?

Foxconn mask production line scene

In addition, according to the latest statistics, the current domestic production capacity of masks has gradually recovered, and the daily production of masks can reach 14.8 million. Taking this as a reference, we can see that Foxconn produces 2 million per day, which can be said to be very fast.

02. BYD: Assisted in the production of masks and disinfectants, and started mass production and shipment on February 17.

At the same time, there is also a car company that “doesn’t work properly”, BYD.

At the first moment of the epidemic, BYD made quick adjustments after donating 10 million yuan and an additional 1 million yuan of medical supplies, urgently arranged mask planning and production, and shouted “drawings in 3 days, equipment in 7 days, and products in 10 days. ” slogan.

At the same time, on February 9, Zhao Changjiang, general manager of BYD Auto Sales Co., Ltd., announced on Weibo that BYD assisted in the production of masks and disinfectants.

What have technology companies done to solve the mask problem?

The author learned that Shanwei BYD Industrial Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of BYD, quietly added “R&D, production and sales of disinfectant products” to its business scope on February 5.

In addition, the author also inquired that BYD’s masks will be produced in BYD Baolong No. 9, while the disinfectant will be produced in BYD Industrial Co., Ltd. in Shanwei; at the same time, BYD Baolong No. 9 has a self-built workshop with medical device system certification .


What have technology companies done to solve the mask problem?

Online transmission of BYD mask product manual

From this point of view, BYD has a daily production capacity of 5 million masks and 50,000 bottles of disinfectant. At the same time, according to the plan, BYD expects to start trial production on February 12, start mass production on the 17th, and reach the planned production capacity of 5 million pieces per day by the end of February.

It is worth mentioning that Shanghai GM-Wuling also said on February 6 that it will cooperate with upstream suppliers to produce masks by rebuilding production lines. According to the project construction plan, Shanghai GM-Wuling has set up a total of 14 mask production lines, of which 4 are N95 mask production lines and 10 are general medical protective mask production lines. The professional mask production equipment will arrive on February 26, and the mask production workshop will also be It will be completed and put into use before the end of February, and the daily production is expected to reach more than 1.7 million.


What have technology companies done to solve the mask problem?

Shanghai GM-Wuling’s empty workshop used to rebuild production lines

In addition, GAC Group also stated on February 8 that it is studying the construction of a mask production line, and emphasized that the work will be handed over to the GAC Group Parts Business Headquarters for promotion.

03. PetroChina: I have meltblown cloth, who has a mask machine?

As an important state-owned backbone enterprise, PetroChina published an article on mask production cooperation on its official Weibo on February 6 entitled “I have meltblown cloth, who has a mask machine”, which received more than 8 million hits and 25,000 views. It was reposted several times, which aroused strong resonance among netizens.


What have technology companies done to solve the mask problem?

Picture source Weibo

The latest news shows that as of noon on February 7, Sinopec has completed 11 mask production lines with partners, and will soon enter the equipment installation process.

It is understood that Sinopec has provided meltblown cloth and other materials to enterprises with production license qualifications for capacity expansion and production, and also provided production raw materials to the other party.

According to reports, since February, considering the raw materials of polypropylene chemical products such as masks and syringes that may be used in the epidemic prevention and control work, Sinopec has put 15,000 tons of polypropylene and other medical and health raw materials into the market. Continue to supply about 80,000 tons of raw materials to major medical and health material customers.

It is reported that on the 15th of this month, 1 mask production line will be in place first, 4 on the 20th, and 6 more at the end of the month.

According to relevant estimates, by February 10th, Sinopec will help increase the production capacity of masks by 130,000 pieces/day, on February 29th, the new production capacity will reach 600,000 pieces/day, and on March 10th, the new production capacity will be reached to 100,000 pieces/day. 1 million pieces/day or more.

In addition, it is also worth mentioning that Sinopec has also contacted three local mask manufacturers, which are located in Beijing, Jiangsu and Guangdong. Through coordination, Sinopec has helped them purchase two idle production lines. The three companies can The cumulative daily production of more than 235,000 masks.

Write at the end:

In addition, OPPO, vivo, Xiaomi, Huawei and other manufacturers we are familiar with have also contributed their own strength in the face of the epidemic. Among them, Huawei has donated 30 million yuan to the Wuhan Charity Federation account, and also special A special security team composed of service, R&D, and supply chain has been established to silently provide strong support for the local communication network in Hubei.

PS: As of now, the daily output of various types of medical masks in the country has exceeded 14 million, and the daily output of medical protective clothing has exceeded 40,000. The resumption rate of national mask enterprises can reach 73%. Come on, Wuhan, come on China!

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