What’s the matter with Dingding online begging for mercy? “Dingding Ben Dingding online begging for mercy” is popular

At the moment of the epidemic, schools have started online classes in response to the postponement of the start of the school year. DingTalk has become the class platform chosen by many schools across the country.

However, the students were dissatisfied with DingTalk’s account, so they gave DingTalk 1 point in order to get rid of DingTalk and continue the vacation.

Immediately, DingTalk appeared in a situation where the scoring situation was extremely unoptimistic. For this reason, the official released a song on the evening of February 16 to seek praise. The song is called “Ding Ding Ben Ding Online Begging For mercy”, with witty lyrics and a memorable melody, it was on the hot search for a while.

What is the magic power of this “song”? Just look at the lyrics: “I have no regrets in this life, I will pay it all at once with five stars”, “Young heroes, spare your life, everyone is my father”, “I know the teacher still I have to wash my hair, I’m causing trouble for you! I know that you guys don’t want to have such a fulfilling holiday, so it’s hard for you!”

The young heroes who were caught by the teacher’s online class and had to return from the holiday state,

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