Why is Windows 11 breaking the update path for Mac device users?

For Apple users, choosing Apple products naturally expresses their recognition of their system. For iPhone, although a lot of top-level hardware is used, the iOS system is the soul. The era of buying iPhone just for the LOGO behind it is long gone. Many people choose iPhone because the iOS system is really easy to use, but this is not the case for some Mac device users. They seem not very interested in MacOS, but they have a soft spot for Windows.

Some people buy a MacBook and turn it on, instead of thinking about using MacOS, they install a Windows system for the first time. This has formed a unique landscape. The system isn’t interested, but it won’t last forever, and Windows 11 is the end.

The Windows 11 released the day before yesterday broke the road for a large number of Mac device users to update, because Microsoft added support for TPM 2.0 in Windows 11, which is an international standard for security protection measures, which can provide security encryption in PC devices. The key provides a higher level of protection. It is precisely because of the addition of TPM 2.0 that older PCs may not be able to upgrade Windows 11. Therefore, Microsoft officially launched a tool to detect whether the PC device you are currently using can Upgrade Windows 11.

This is very popular with PC equipment manufacturers, which will accelerate the replacement of some old equipment, and almost all Mac equipment used Intel chips before. Coincidentally, all Intel Mac equipment does not support TPM 2.0, Naturally, it is impossible to update to Windows 11, which means that Windows 10 is an out-of-print system for many Mac device users. For these people, there are only two options in the future. One is to use Windows 10 to the end, but to use MacOS again.

Why is Windows 11 breaking the update path for Mac device users?

Some people may ask, Intel Mac devices can’t update Windows 11, can the M1 version? Everyone knows that the M1 chip is an important part of Apple’s future development. Although Apple has not closed the M1 version of Mac devices to update Windows in hardware, it has not made any substantial support for this aspect. Of course, don’t expect to update Windows. 11. Let’s put it this way, when the M1 chip is fully rolled out in Apple products, Mac devices can almost say goodbye to Windows systems.

Since it is not supported by Apple, Microsoft has strongly embraced Android. Windows 11 natively supports Android apps, which means that you can download and install Android apps directly on Windows 11 without an emulator. This is similar to the M1 version of Mac devices that natively support iOS apps. is the same meaning.

Still that sentence, I really don’t understand that those who buy a MacBook and then go to great lengths to install a Windows system can simply buy a Windows computer!

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