World Peace Group Launches USB 3.0 Pico Projection Solution

This solution is based on Syndiant’s LCOS micro-projection Panel, combined with Evolution’s USB 3.0 interface chip, through USB 3.0 high-speed transmission and power supply performance, to solve the problem of insufficient USB 2.0 bandwidth in one fell swoop, no external connection is required. The power supply can simultaneously support high-resolution WSVGA (1024×600) video playback, and can support up to Full HD (1920×1080) resolution in the future, improving the performance of video projection and playback. This solution can be applied to various devices such as notebook computers, desktop computers, monitors, digital photo frames, cameras, and mobile phones.

World Peace Group Launches USB 3.0 Pico Projection Solution

At present, USB 2.0 can only be used on VGA (640×480) resolution panels, which will be limited by insufficient bandwidth for data transmission, making the video playback screen not smooth. USB 3.0 has the technical advantages of backward compatibility and 10 times faster transmission speed than USB 2.0, which will completely solve the problem of insufficient bandwidth of USB 2.0, and can transmit clear images in real time.

Faraday Technology’s 100% investment, Evolution Technology, officially mass-produced the first USB 3.0 audio and video transmission SoC chip (Audio/Video over USB 3.0 SoC chip) ET12U32X; In the plug-in test of the Workshop, it passed all the test plans of the USB-IF Association, and officially obtained the USB 3.0 Device Logo certification of the USB-IF.

Focusing on the characteristics of USB 3.0 high-speed transmission, high power supply, smart energy saving, etc., Yuanchang Technology launched the most integrated USB 3.0 video and audio transmission SoC chip, which can perform Audio/Video transmission through USB 3.0 without compressing Full HD images Video synchronization signal transmission to ensure high-resolution video quality and video synchronization.

At the same time, the ET12U32X chip can also provide Display output interfaces such as D-Sub, D-RGB (TTL), DVI or HDMI according to customer needs. In addition to the built-in 24-bit Audio Codec, the chip provides bidirectional Audio in/out, and built-in SDRAM, no need for external SDRAM, which greatly reduces the difficulty of system PCB design, effectively reduces PCB image noise and reduces EMI in the system.

These design advantages can fully simplify the number of layers and areas of the PCB and the number of peripheral components in the customer’s system, and greatly enhance the competitive advantage of short, small, light, and thin products. In addition, Yuanchang Technology also provides supporting software support for ET12U32X. At present, it has completed the development of driver software for Microsoft Window 7, Vista, and XP, and started to develop related driver software for Mac OS to fully meet the needs of different consumers. the needs of the user population.

World Peace Group Launches USB 3.0 Pico Projection Solution

Syndiant focuses on providing Display components for pico projectors: Display Panel, Control ASIC. It belongs to LCoS Color Sequential display technology and uses RGB LEDs as the display light source.

Syndiant product advantages: high color saturation, small size, high resolution, low price and low power consumption.

World Peace Group Launches USB 3.0 Pico Projection Solution

Syndiant LCoS Panel (Resolution / Dimension)

World Peace Group Launches USB 3.0 Pico Projection Solution

Syndiant Development Tool

World Peace Group Launches USB 3.0 Pico Projection Solution

MindSpeed ​​LED Driver

Features of Mindspeed M08888:
• 3drivers(2A each)-4.5×4.5mm QFN
• Integrated DAC for current control
• Temperature sensor
• Automatic (continuous / integrating) power control

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