Zhong Nanshan’s team announced the pneumonia detection method: IgM detection test paper, constant temperature amplification chip

Recently, at the first multidisciplinary online forum on new coronary pneumonia, Academician Zhong Nanshan and his team shared the latest research results on the diagnosis of new coronary pneumonia: two detection methods for new coronavirus infection, namely rapid immunoglobulin M (IgM) detection. Test paper and constant temperature amplification chip.

Rapid immunoglobulin M (IgM) test strips

It is reported that the principle of the detection is mainly realized by lateral flow immunochromatography. IgM refers to the immunoglobulin M in serum. It is the first immunoglobulin produced by the human body after exposure to the virus. It is an important indicator of acute or recent virus infection. Generally, it occurs on the 7th day of infection or 3-4 days after the onset of the disease. Symptoms can be detected.

The advantages of this test are: 1. The sampling is simple, and only 0.5 ml of blood sample (serum, plasma, and whole blood can be used) can complete the test; 2. The time for antibody detection results is shorter, which greatly improves the detection time. Efficiency; 3. The detection is convenient, and some grassroots hospitals and medical institutions can also conduct the detection.

Constant temperature amplification chip detection method

In contrast, the constant temperature amplification chip detection method can also be used as an important means to identify the current new coronary pneumonia and influenza in addition to the detection of new coronavirus infection.

According to Academician Zhong Nanshan, the test only needs to be completely broken with the buffer, and then loaded. The biggest advantage of the constant temperature amplification chip detection method is that it can detect multiple patients simultaneously, and distinguish the new coronavirus from influenza A and B, as well as other existing viruses, which plays a very important role in the investigation of suspected cases. .

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