ZTE RFID-based free flow system solution

ZTE RFID” title=”RFID”>RFID free-flow system” title=”Free-flow system”>The free-flow system uses active RFID Electronic tags as the carrier of vehicle information, combined with data communication technology, automatic control technology, and computer network Integrated solutions for intelligent transportation of modern technologies such as technology and information release technology. This system can be used for urban congestion management and a barrier-free toll system for vehicles to travel freely. It is also called MLFF, which is a multi-lane free flow system.

  Overall system architecture

  System advantages

Free flow multi-lane stable operation

Multi-readers and multi-antennas work together to ensure area coverage and high-speed information collection in multi-lane situations, and support stable recognition of vehicle speeds up to 180km/h.

Support ETC/MTC mixed lane

It can be compatible with existing equipment, and can be used in traffic management together. The software can also be connected with existing management systems for flexible construction and strong compatibility.

Reliable security guarantee mechanism

The dedicated information encryption mechanism guarantees the security of electronic label information and guarantees transaction security.

Good scalability and strong compatibility

Based on SOA, build an advanced network architecture.

System reliability

Military-grade product equipment, telecom-grade network management system, and strive to create a highly reliable, high-performance intelligent transportation system to achieve 24-hour stable and reliable operation in any environment.

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